A Shortened History of England. Front Cover. George Macaulay Trevelyan. Penguin Books, – Gran Bretaña- – Historia – pages. Trevelyan was an English historian whose work, written for the general reader as much as for the history student, shows an appreciation for the Whig traiditon in. A Shortened History of England has ratings and 17 reviews. Jon said: Why English majors should read history:For many centuries after Britain became.

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Denele rated it really liked it Jul 14, It is not, therefore, surprising that the greatness of England during the epoch that followed the [Glorious] Revolution is to be judged by her individual men, by the unofficial achievement of her free and vigorous population, by the open competition of her merchants and industrialists in the markets of the world, rather than by her corporate institutions, such as Church, Universities, Schools, Civil Service, and town Corporations, which were all of them half asleep.

There is no need to write in obscure language and resort to hiatory and semantic subterfuge to rtevelyan taken seriously ahem, modern academics.

A shortened history of England – George Macaulay Trevelyan – Google Books

A useful tool I always address myself to when it comes to fill the gaps of my poor historical knowledge of England and the United Kingdom. In two societies so widely set apart in the circumstances and atmosphere of everyday life, it required people with imaginative faculties like Treveoyan, Chatham and Fox to conceive what the issues looked like to ordinary men on the other side of the Atlantic.

Many of his writings promoted the Whig Party, an important aspect of British politics from the s to the mids, and of its successor, the Liberal Party. The long-bow of the English yeoman can stop the charge of the feudal knight, and the King’s cannon can breach his donjon wall.

A Shortened History of England. G.M. Trevelyan

The task awaiting their successors, under the later monarchs of the House of Hanover, was to adapt this system of Parliamentary Cabinet government to the new social facts created by the Industrial Revolution.

By a gradual transition towards democracy, seldom hastening and never turning back, political rights were extended to all without a catastrophe. It was enriched by many French words and ideas [ The last British Revolution is still that of That sense of the brotherhood of classes in WWI which was so marked in shorhened own more democratic day had no place in the Anti-Jacobin mentality. To see what your trsvelyan thought of this book, please sign up.


About the anti-war movement in England during the American Revolution. Jan 16, Hannah rated it liked it.

A Shortened History of England – George Macaulay Trevelyan – Google Books

And the latter part of the history, from the First World War to the Second the book was published in get somewhat skimpier treatment, with events too hlstory to get his full attention.

Lists with This Book. The English upper class never became a closed caste, like the continental nobles who married only inside their own order, and despited merchants and commerce.

I think that it was appropriate for people not deeply studied in history, like myself, although the later chapters are less easy on the lay reader than those on the pre-modern eras. It’s moist and mossy floor was hidden from heaven’s eye by a close-drawn curtain woven of innumerable treetops, which shivered in the breezes of summer dawn and broke into wild music of millions upon millions of wakening birds; the concert was prolonged from bough to bough with scarcely a break for hundreds of miles over hill and plain and mountain, unheard by man save where, at rarest intervals, a troop of skinclad hunters, ignorant that they lived upon an island, not dreaming that there could be other parts of the world besides this damp green woodland with its meres and marshes, wherein they hunted.

English society was based on great differences of wealth while in America property was still divided with comparative equality, and every likely lad hoped some day to be as well-off as the leading man in the township.

Those who enjoyed rent and tithe, composing a single governing class of the well-born, knew little of the harships of wartime. It was, indeed, a notable period in the higher civilization of the island, where all through the war great landscape painters, poets, and novelists were working for a large and eager class with the wealth and leisure to enjoy their works.

The social standards of the modern English schoolboy come nearest to it, as a most elementary expression of the racial character. As I have tried to point to, Trevelyan’s style is egnland but dry, and his investment of purpose and direction to historical events is at the least a helpful crutch to readers who are looking for a way to assimilate the facts.


But striking, vivid images eg the victorious Saxons who hisory to live in abandoned Roman villas meaning that for “some centuries, the Roman ruins must have stood as a familiar a sight as the roofless abbeys under the Stuart Kin Incredibly concise and beautifully written narrative history of Britain from pre-Roman times to pre WW2. Carr considered Trevelyan to be one of the last historians of the Whig tradition. Open Preview See a Problem? Pitt’s useful new device of the income-tax, which was continued till the end of the war, did something, but not enough, to redress the balance.

Oct 31, Jim rated it really liked it. In the mirror that Miss Austen held up to nature in the drawing-room, it is hard to detect any trace of concern of trouble arising from the war. Trevelyan was the third son of Sir George Trevelyan, 2nd Baronet, and great-nephew of Thomas Babington Macaulay, whose staunch liberal Whig principles he espoused in accessible works of literate narrative avoiding a consciously dispassionate analysis, that became old-fashioned during his long and productive career.

Trevelyan does not theorize, but feels content to only “point like a showman to the things of the trevelyam, with their manifold and mysterious message”. George III had strength of mind, diligence, and business ability, but he had not imagination. And the latter part of the history, from the First World War to the Second the book was published in g Magisterial, elegant, beautifully written.

Dec 19, Abderrezak rated it it was amazing. English society was old, elaborate, and artificial, while American society was new, simple, and raw. Many merchants, like poor old Mr Sedley in Vanity Fair, were broken by the sudden opening and shutting of markets, or the rise and fall of war prices.

I picked up this book to learn from and not to read critically, so Hiistory can’t offer a lot of insight into Trevelyan’s integrity or originality as a scholar.