The documents below are the operating instructions for the K-fee® listed capsule machines. If your targeted manual is not located below, please contact our. Read the full instruction manual before use. This quick start guide only Insert the EXPRESSI® Hot Chocolate capsule and select the large cup button (mL). View and Download ALDI Expressi quick start manual online. multi-beverage capsule machine. Expressi Coffee Maker pdf manual download.

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How long will my order take to arrive? They used to buy joblots of Nescafe Blend 43 and cut the guts out of it to drive traffic into their stores.

There is also a very well mounted vibe pump. The water tank below holds 1 litre. Orders can only be sent within Australia. I asked a staff member how many they had sold today and he said “3 pallets full”. This also slows down the POUR and means coffees are usually even with a nice creama, not so with the ALDI but i intend to buy some more to experiment with just for the hell of it today but so far i am unimpressed Ye gods, how can you make coffee thats worse then that stuff??


If you wish to opt out of site registration please contact us directly via contact details below. It failed as the Expressi machine groaned trying to push the water through. The whole model ensures that fresh coffee can never be bought in Australia. I just poured a shot of Reggio and it was very nice. Not suprisingly the large “Swiss Engineered” logo appears heavily on multiple sides of the box and in all the promotional material. Oh, Im not an Aldi hater either as another person suggested.


I dont know its if its the quality of the actual coffee as much as the POD design If your rinse button is flashing red when you are dispensing drinks, this is a prompt that you need to descale your machine.

I should return it as it certainly doesnt produce anything like a drinkable espresso but instead I think Ill keep it here as a “community service”. Cable is all silicone covered and it uses quality hose fitting and water lines.

Customer Support

This could be a case of the marketing team driving the project instead of the technical team? BTW, I also have tried a few Nespressos lately and while still not as good as my Jura, its far better exprewsi the Aldi machine.

Today I tried some really short shots ristretto-esk and they were still bad.

Aldi printed tonnes of glossy junk mail and it was hand delivered it into every letterbox in this area. Is there a comparison of how much coffee in a nespresso etc etc? Im also pleased to see you went and tried the pod grounds in the JURA, thats a comparison i wouldnt have thought to make either.

Can I designate a delivery time and date? Please check this confirmation carefully and inform us of any mistakes as soon as possible. Please review our support section. If I order more than one item will they be despatched together? What should I use to clean and descale my machine? There was nothing wrong with the coffee. After I finished roasting tonight I opened it up and asked myself Now for the Aldi pods, they also fit the MAP Officeworks machine too as i brought home some pods to try in MAP machine it does awesome manual steamed froth!

Nice glossy cases, some stainless bits and just enough packaging to keep it safe during transport.


ALDI expressi Quick Start Manual

I agree its more expensive. This will maual on the size and quantity of your items. Maybe in Europe it hits the shelves earlier but certainly not here.

As for “the market they want to capture” I also noticed the Aldi machine gives a much hotter coffee than my Jura which may explain the burning. I went into a local Aldi store mid afternoon on the day of the release to find that every second edpressi in the store had one in their trolly. I would agree, but the perception of a good coffee by most consumers out there is anything better than instant or those coin operated coffee machines at the work places such as my work place.

It “watches” the water pass between the tank and the pump to determine when the shot is the correct volume. Second attempt was after an adjustment to the grinder and this time it worked Maybe thats why the Nespressos are 3x the price. At the short height a ml take-away cup just fits under the spout.

Aldi Expressi Coffee Machine Review – (Lots of pictures)

After reading your review I can only think that there must be some variation between machines. How secure is the checkout process? Hi Andy, thanks for the review!

It used to cause all sort of problems amongst the grocery chains. In this picture the “water in” is cold water under pressure coming from the top of the pump in the previous picture.