The Unique Control LKB automation unit with built-in actuator offers intelligent control for LKB butterfly valves used in all applications. The Alfa Laval LKB range of butterfly valves consists of modular units designed to meet the full spectrum of requirements for effective, reliable butterfly valves at. Alfa Laval Hygienic LKB Butterfly Valve , L and stainless steel available in EPDM Viton (FPM) HNBR PFA.

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A selection of different actuators is available. Padlock is not delivered.

LKB lavap flange connections: The handles for the valve sizes DN and DN, which are designed for locking in two intermediate positions, enables adjusting of the valve, so that the flow rate can be regulated.

LKB with standard handle: We want you to be profitable and productive. The actuator is fitted onto the valve by means of a bracket and screws. Indication unit with micro switches.

Also for ball valves. Alfa Laval butterfly valves bear the LKB designation. Torque diagrams – Actuator. Special version that makes it easy to remove the valve body without needing to dismantle piping set-ups. See All Butterfly Valves. Alfa Laval actuators are renowned for laavl exceptional reliability, regardless of operating conditions. We care about you. Application LKB is a sanitary automatically or manually operated butterfly valve for use in stainless steel pipe systems.


Apfa handle for manual operation mechanically locks the valve in its open or alfz position. The practical design of this in-line valve helps reduce the total installation cost. New Manufacturer Literature Library. Mechanically strong and normally resistant to ozone and strong oxidizers, animal and vegetable fats, nonpolar solvents, oils and lubricants, water and aqueous solutions.

Alfa Laval Tri-Clover LKB & LKB UltraPure Butterfly Valves

Lockable Multiposition Handle with padlock. Explosion proof indication unit with inductive proximity switches. That’s why at Rodem, people are our biggest asset. LKB-F also consists of two flanges and two flange seal rings. Handle for electrical position indication. Angular motion of actuator: Furthermore, the design of the PFA seal minimizes the risk of worn seal.

Handle with two or four positions standard on DN and DN Service tool for fitting mm DN25 – DN40 valve discs. Indication unit with Hall proximity switches. Opening – Spring activated afla.

The valve consists of two valve body halves, valve disc, bushes for the disc stem and seal ring. Normally resistant to ozone, other strong oxidizers and strong bases.


This in turn makes it easy to undertake repair, service and replacement with a bare minimum of disruption. Another advantage of the PFA seal is that the service intervals are prolonged due to a longer lifetime for the seal.

Skip to main lafa. The special actuator design, featuring double springs, makes sure that maximum torque is applied to the valve disc at breakaway and seal positions. Service tool for actuator. This makes them the workhorse solution in modern processing technology, ideal for use with low and medium-viscosity liquids.

The flange seals are not available in HNBR, please select available rubber quality. Closing – Air activated 4. Opening – Air activated 3.

Alfa Laval Hygienic LKB Butterfly Valve.

The standard handle has a spring-locking action. Our People Make the Difference. It is supported by the Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package which facilitates the lavval process. The actuator can also be fitted onto ball valves by means of special brackets.