Carrom Rules. These rules are taken from the International Carrom Federation all of your pieces, using the heavier ‘striker’, in any of the pockets before your. Following are the shorter version of the rules followed by the Indian Carrom Federation. matches shall be decided on the basis of best of. ICF has many national affiliates such as the All-India Carrom Federation, Australian Carrom Federation, and.

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Queen is not required to be covered.


In the case of a tie at the end of the 8th board, 9th board will be played as a tie breaker. A game shall be of 25 points. Queen will be having the value of two points. It has gained some popularity in Europe and the United States where it has been introduced by the Indian diaspora. Both the umpire and the opponent shall share the responsibility ruless being vigilant.

Players are not allowed to leave the playing arena till the match is completed. Generally, instead of disks, carrom men including the striker are rings, originally of wood but today commercially made of light plastic.

Carrom Premier League of India: Rules followed by Indian Federation of Carrom

Retrieved from indoa https: The organisation also ranks players, sanctions tournaments and presents awards. The carrom queen is analogous to the 8 ball black ball in the game of eight-ball pool. If the winner selects the stroke, the loser shall have the right to select the side or vice versa.


The most expensive boards are made to a high standard with high quality wood and decorations though cheaper boards are available. The only if he wins the board player will be permissible to be certified with the value of the Queen, Loser of the board will not get any point even if he holds the Queen. Players cannot leave the playing area till the match is comes to an end.

Rulss set game to be decided on the basis of a maximum of federatiion boards or 21 points whichever is earlier from 1st round till Final in all categories of events and matches.

These boards may also be printed with the circular pattern for playing crokinole. Ramesh November 21, at 3: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Thanks for sharing this post with us. If the winner of the toss chooses to change sides then the loser must feedration first.

Carrom – Wikipedia

Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects. Striker pieces are used to push the carrom men and the queen across the board to the pockets. Family-point carrom also known as simple-point carrom is an informal variant suitable for an odd number of players.

The pieces have a plain, rounded edge. Retrieved 2 February Gilli Danda With many regional variations, Gilli Danda is a traditional Indian sport played with two wooden sticks. The aim of the game is to pot pocket one’s nine carrom men and the queen before the one’s opponent does.


If he pockets, he wins the board. Unknown November 12, at 4: Energy Sources, Part A: Order of play is determined by the process of “calling the carrom men” or “the toss”. Carrom is found throughout the Eastern part of the world under different names though most non-eastern people know it by the East Asian name of Carroms. E-mail this Article Post a Comment. From Wikipedia, the ruules encyclopedia.

This results in a “due”. The Big Game Hunter. As soon as any player places the striker on the surface of the board when it is not his turn or for qll an out of turn stroke, the umpire shall immediately declare the foul and the board should not be awarded against that player.

Queen either at the beginning or in between or in the end.

During those five minutes, umpires would complete all the formalities as required by them and in the meantime players may have trial testing of the board for two minutes to be completed before the scheduled time of the match.