Full user manuals, quickstart guides and software downloads for NEO and NEO 2 , featuring Full NEO 2 User Manual AlphaSmart , and Dana. Types of Tips in This Manual. .. Manually Adding Students in NEO Manager. Open the AlphaSmart folder, then the AlphaSmart Manager 2 folder. 3. Windows or XP: click Start>Control Panel>System> Hardware tab, then the . Command key and the left arrow moves the cursor to the beginning of the line. • File 1 = 6 pages in length. AlphaSmart Basic (Macintosh) Instructions.

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Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. See also page 30 for a list of insertion commands for international. Please install aplhasmart if you are experiencing problems running the above applications on your computer 64 Bit Windows 7 PC.

And, for strict text transfer from a to the computer, you don’t need software. Mine looks like this: For example, you could press Option- -S individually in order instead of as a group to get to the AlphaSmart Trans- fer Speed menu.

User manuals and software downloads for NEO 2

Open a new empty word processing file. It is a vital download if you want to make the wireless aspects of NEO 2 work, including Accelerated Reader compatibility. This manual also for: We believe everyone can be a successful learner. There’s one on Amazon. Don’t have an account? This application is alphsamart computer software that links with NEO 2s and allows them to work as voting and assessment devices.


IBM is a registered trademark of International. Page 22 To download to other AlphaSmarts, it is not necessary to quit Get Utility and rerun it, just return to Step 4. It didn’t do that. What kind of drivers would I need? For assistance with choosing the right software or support with setting up, please contact UK Support on or email to support renlearn. Products We believe that more than anything, teachers shape student outcomes.

Manuals and Downloads

Three Year Limited Warranty. Those are the only things I can think of that might help.

Download the data file from the AlphaSmart to the empty AppleWorks word processing document by pressing the Send key on the AlphaSmart. The current state of the shift, option, command, mxnual, and caps lock keys are shown in the lower right of the AlphaSmart screen. Putting them together will get you connected to your PC. My own life with AlphaSmart started with the model.

NEO Share is our simple wireless text transfer software that allows you to send and receive text between your computer and a set of NEO 2s.


This version includes the firmware update System 3. I seem to remember folks having issues with USB hubs To fix it, simply press the caps lock key once either on the normal PC key- board or on the AlphaSmart when it is attached to the PC when the AlphaSmart is attached to the PC, alphas,art functions as a normal keyboard. Alphasmart Password Protection We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if alphamart wish.

My son has an AS, and I have both types of adapters. Here’s a link to a site I just found and it says that a problem may be that it is not converting the signal. See Installing the Mac Y Cable for more information.

Digital Chisel is a trademark of Pierian Manuak Software. BradyDale 9 years ago. If I accidentally erased or cleared my file, can I recover it? All for about six dollars of cables and nothing else.