Model, AX63 Pro. CPU: Slot 1. Support Intel Slot 1 Pentium II/III/Celeron FSB MHz. Chipset: VIA A VIA B. Main Memory: PC SDRAM. AX63 Pro, AOpen, Motherboard, mainboard, chipset, základní desky, Slot, Socket , information. AX63, AOpen, Motherboard, mainboard, chipset, základní desky, Slot, Socket, information.

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AOPEN AX63 Pro Pentium III 866 MHz Mother Board Combo

There are not many competitors to Intel out there, but VIA has done a good job of keeping up with chipset releases. With more and more manufacturers trying their hands at VIA’s infant solution, it’s good to see one of the big guns like AOpen support the other third party chipset manufacturers and do them justice with a well constructed board.

Anyway, you should note that the generic drivers provided in Windows 98 Second Edition may not be the most stable driver around, although it worked fine during all my benchmarks. To complete the package, AOpen includes their standard software bundle, which includes all of the latest driver files as well as a complementary copy of Norton AntiVirus for Windows Note that the hard drive used in the benchmarks was only a UDMA33 hard disk.

Now, with the recent entrance of the Apollo Pro Ait’s time to clean up the Apollo Pro motherboards. Windows98 and even the display card are involved in the execution of this function. Eventually, to encourage manufacturers to explore the possibilities the other slot-1 chipset held, VIA released an updated version of the Apollo Pro that was pin-compatible with the Intel BX, and called this solution the Apollo Pro Plus.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Windows 98 2nd Edition. Slot 2 Computer Motherboard.

AOpen AX63 Pro Apollo Pro Slot-1 ATX

Even though AOpen made an Apollo Pro Plus board — the AOpen AX63 — it’s good to see one of the big boys in motherboards continuing to support the third zx63 chipset manufacturers. Any Condition Any Condition. To guarantee a tightly integrated system, combine an AOpen motherboard with any one of its barebone cases and your favorite peripherals.


The correct way to go about implementing this feature is clearly described wopen PDF-format manual. This depends more on the video-card and cpu-speed. In every category, it is slower and especially in games because the design of the AGP-bus or the accompanying drivers isn’t as refined as Intel’s.

Although the jumperless setup isn’t as polished as that of the ABIT BH6, it accomplishes the same general goal, making the setup of the board easier than ever. This is a feature that will quickly spread to most other motherboards, and it was actually first discovered by AnandTech on a Shuttle motherboard, however AOpen implemented it on the AX63 and it does add a world of expandability to the realm of the overclocker.

This is indeed very puzzling xx63 me. To round things off, the 3 DIMM slots and the ATX power connector are placed aaopen the same lower right hand corner that makes the case requirements for the AX63 as general as possible. In this board, there is an adequate gap between the DIMM slots and the above mentioned connectors but in many other boards those same connectors are nearly flushed against the DIMM slots, causing inconvenience to use the 1st DIMM slot.

Since my test system is different from that of Vijay’s the results I’m about to present here are a little different in terms of the benchmarked scores, but you should be able to make a pretty good comparison.

Very nifty and good for frequent fiddlers if you ask me: The layout of the rest of the AX63 is perfectly identical to that of aoopen AX6BC, the majority of the empty space on the mainboard is taken up by capacitors that are strategically placed around components xx63 are critical to stable operation of the motherboard.

Cards such as the Creative-Live do not use this connector.


AOpen AX63 Pro – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – Pro133A

Whatever you choose to run the different busses, the memory bus can be kicked up or down by 33Mhz from your current FSB. In addition, the strange behaviour of these drivers seems to give varying disk benchmark results as you can see from the inconsistencies tabulated above.

Slot A Computer Motherboard. The floppy connector is placed right at the back of the Slot-1, the traditional place where AOpen places the floppy and power-supply connectors but at least the big power connector is as63 up front but the floppy connector still remains there. Have a look at Jackie’s trip to Taiwan, where he visited the AOpen factory lots of interesting pictures await you!

All but a single PCI slot can take a full length card while neither of the ISA slots is capable of accepting full length cards. A unique absence from the AX63, and all Apollo Pro Aope boards for that matter, is the green heatsink that made its way to the BX counterparts.

AX63 AOPEN Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

This situation continues throughout all the tests. Quantum Fireball EX 6.

Windows 98 2nd Edition Firstly, let me say that overclocking the Pentium II was very easy with this board. Once again, the benchmarks just never stop running even when we seem to have finished reviewing the product.

Maybe a newer BIOS or drivers could iron some kinks out. Be qx63 first to write a review.

The available clock multipliers on the AX63 range from 1. Here’s another snip from the PDF manual aoopen a clearer picture of how this feature works: Unfortunately there has been a lack of quality Apollo Pro Plus solutions on the market, making the solution even more handicapped in addition to its lack of a large presence in the industry.