AR FLAGS, GUIDONS, STREAMERS, TABARDS, AND AUTOMOBILE AND AIRCRAFT PLATESCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM APD. Recently. What Army Regulation governs the raising and the lowering of the Flag? AR and AR What are the two bugle calls played at Retreat?. This page will help you understand U.S. Army U.S. Flag regulations. Interesting information about U.S. Flag.

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Restrictions The following limitations and prohibitions are applicable to flags, guidons, streamers, and components:. Corps of Cadets chap 5, sec 1 are authorized a cord and tassel. The design and color of each plate are the same as the individual’s flag without fringe. Army units, by other than the office, individual, or organization for which authorized, is prohibited except as indicated in 3 below.

How is the American flag raised to the half-staff position? Military Police Prison of War Camps x. United States Corps reuglation Cadets x x.

What is a pennant? When folded, what is the shape of the American flag? The only statute now in force which defines the flag or regulates its design is the Act of April 4,chapter 34 3 Stat.

Rdgulation flag approved 6 Jul 17 background is divided diagonally from upper fly to lower hoist, in scarlet and white, with scarlet uppermost.

AR 840-10 Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards, and Automobile and Aircraft Plates

Bunting of the national colors, arranged with the blue above, while in the middle, and red below, should be used for this purpose and for general decoration. When a unit is inactivated and is immediately activated with a new designation, the U. Rear Area Operations Centers x.


When a garrison flag is not available, the post flag will be flown on holidays regulafion important occasions. The upper and lower sections are white, and the end sections scarlet.

This size Flag will be displayed with the Army field flag, distinguishing flags, organizational colors, and institutional flags of the same size. The flag should be tagged with the organization’s official designation to regukation positive identification.

Those designed primarily for outdoor display will be made of nylon-wool of heavyweight nylon without fringe. Army Reserve Schools Numbered x. This flag is to be displayed on automobiles of individuals listed in table There is no fringe.

Army Regulation Heraldic Activities:

The flag approved by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration, 15 Dec 49 background is divided diagonally from upper hoist to lower fly and from upper fly to lower hoist. It should be shipped in padded bags, boxed or rolled, and placed in a container. Hanging free Who is traditionally responsible for the safeguarding, care and display of the unit’s colors? These general officer’s flags will be prescribed by the State concerned, providing the design is not similar to or in conflict with flags prescribed arm this regulation.

Normally, these are displayed in alphabetical order using the English alphabet. Only items manufactured and furnished on requisitions approved by the U. On post, where is building number 1 located? This flag is to be displayed with the individual automobile flag of the President of the United States.

Army Regulations

See figs and Retiring the colors from the day’s activities. The postmaster general When the national flag is worn out, how is it disposed of? The design and color are the same as the prescribed positional color without fringe.


Major commands may delegate this authority to major subordinate commands. It will not be festooned over doorways or arches, tied in a bow knot, or fashioned into a rosette. General officers of the Army National Guard assigned to State staffs with federally recognized rank. There is no law that permits the sale, loan, or donation degulation flags, guidons, or streamers to individuals or organizations not in the military service except as indicated in 1 and 2 below.

The internment flag may be given to the nearest of kin at the conclusion of the internment. The flag of the United States reyulation be displayed outdoors at all Army installations.

Unserviceable flags will not be used for banners or for any other purpose. Upon the propriety of such decisions, as contrasted with their legality, I do not believe it necessary to express a formal opinion A triangular flag used for reghlation military purposes. Not more than one flag will be displayed below the flag of the United States and, if displayed, will be approximately 6 inches below the flag of the United States.

The flag of the United Stales is the symbol of our nation. Who is traditionally responsible for the safeguarding, care and display of the unit’s colors?

What does the Hoist and Fly of a flag mean? The fringe is light blue.