High-energy frequencies are used, and in AROLO TIFAR©®, coded quartz and At this level, the work of the digital code symbols learned in AROLO I and II is. Arolo Tifar is an ancient Atlantean healing method that was rediscovered by Eckard Strohm and put back into practice in the early ‘s. “Arolo Tifar” are. Arolo – Tifar was the old name of Atlantis Healing System, where Arolo represent the levels one and two and Tifar represent the mastership.

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Matter — is red according to the first chakra – Muladhara 2. Arolo Tifar works toward the harmonization and alignment of an individuals core essence.

After successful completion of the Tifar II workshop, the Arolo practitioner will have accessed the most elevated flow of divine energy a human being is capable of incorporating. The only level that has not too much or too less energy is the Spiritual one.

This tjfar is, at human level, from the feet soil to the second chakra level. Preparing the initiation room: If there is a problem along the spine the movement of the crystal will stop automatically. The circle means the matter, the space, the feminine principle and the point means the spirit, the male principle. After using it, it actions brutally about 30 seconds.

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We keep only the substances the arm was weaker at, and the rest are put aside. Home visits Rates through out NYC: But the problem will pass to the outer level and the diameter of this cylinder will be even narrower.


At times his economy began to flow better, then something inevitably interrupted the flow again.

This first step was known, aarolo and used by the entire population. Hand treatment on the causing level. To present the two principle in activity the symbolism has to be reversed: They both have their own way of action, their own energy so that they can complete each other very well. These symbols establish a connection with the divine energy of the Master Healers of Atlantis.

It is reasonable to assume that a therapist might place their hands over the heart area of a person tifat showed signs of emotional instability. Psychic, Soul, Spirit, Energy.

Arolo Tifar – the active part of Reiki – FAQ

We wait a few minutes then the arm of the patient is tested. If the arm tested is: It is used for psychic problems. Where there are underlined levels as well down, as up we will exclude them.

We are putting all the substances we are testing on the third chakra of the patient then we press them with his left hand to take all arilo information out of them. Why is the analysis so important?

If the individual is in the midst of a karmic process Arolo Tifar does not allow the therapist to offer a complete healing since the pending lesson must be achieved by the individual. The Tibetans and Hindus call it a yuga. In the end I use the amethyst directly on the crown chakra to connect permanently to the Divinity. After the treatment of each patient the crystal is washed in running water and put in the sunlight. It is used upwards in an angle of 30 — 45 degrees from the sight of the therapist.

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You touch with the crystal each chakra saying the name of the symbol three times. This is the symbol for the two triangles: Use the color code of the energetic levels for the Inner Test. There is a continuous change of information and energy between these two levels. It is used in frame of the attunement.

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Treating the symptom will not result in healing the root of the malfunction. Tifae field containing the root cause is then determined. The present-day economic crisis perhaps tapped into the genetic fear of not having enough money and re-activated it. The therapy consists of a diagnosis to locate the root cause of the malfunction and pinpoint all secondary affected fields.

Call the count of Saint Germaine to initiate the student and to make a perfect attunement. Tifra analysis is especially useful for disorders that may be otherwise difficult to diagnose such as depressions, addictions, insomnia and phobias.

This is why they are used frequently when there are simultaneous affections on the wrolo Matter, Energy and Psychic. Give an exact order of what you wish to happen. We now know the cause because it came out on the previous test. Breathe in each chakra, three times for each symbol.