A Stepmother Tongue: “Feminine Writing” in Assia. Djebar’s Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade. By SOHEILA GHAUSSY. In Fantasia: An Algeri- an Cavalcade. an Algerian Feminist novel about the condition of the Algerian women under the french colonization. Assia Djebar intertwines in this novel the history of her. Assia Djebar’s book is a kind of a mutt. It’s part novel, part autobiography, and part history. In this section, the narrator’s describing the first battles in the French .

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Transfigurations of the Maghreb: Feb 20, Hadrian rated it liked it Shelves: In Fromentin describes finding the severed hand of a woman killed by French soldiers during a massacre in a Saharan oasis. It is obviously influenced by Delacroix’s fantssia to Algeria, full of colorful orientalism. In France, people began to question this protracted war waged at the expense of so many young French lives and reacted with outrage to reports that the French military were torturing Algerian civilians.

But, I have reservations on Djerba’s style. The Algerians did NOT want to be conquered by anyone!

Whose brother died in the siege? See 2 questions about Fantasia…. All of her writing is in French.

By Algerian political activists were committed to fighting for independence from France. Headstrong and passionate, she escapes from the cloistered life of her family to join her brother in the maquis’ fight against French domination.

Djebar, Assia – Postcolonial Studies

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. University of Minnesota Press, The Battle of Algiersa campaign waged by Algerian militants in the colonial seaport capital inbegan when three Algerian women successfully placed bombs in strategic locations in the European section of the city. Although the French government counted 1, Algerian lives lost in the violence, Algerian nationalists contested the figure as a gross understatement, claiming 45, dead. In short, I am glad that I read it, but I feel that I am missing a lot.


Do I even understand asska She has won many prizes, and Fantasia: I’m on the fence still with Assia Djebar. Neustadt International Prize for Literature Laureates. In each chapter, it required effort to discover the identity of fabtasia narrator.

At the turn fanhasia the twentieth century, however, resistance assumed a different tone, asisa by Algerian exposure to European education. During the months and years that followed, I became absorbed by this business of love, or rather by the prohibition laid on love; my father’s condemnation only served to encourage the intrigue.

Assia Djebar

It acknowledges the strengths of an enforced world of women hidden away behind veils and walls, but also its high walls and limitations, examining the fractures in that world as women support the independence struggle, receive an education, travel to Paris.

In this section, the novelist describes in graphic detail the horrible acts of enfumadeor fumigation, during which French colonial forces set fire to caves that served as refuge for Algerian families, asphyxiating the men, women, and children that sought shelter there. Yet nationalist heroes did emerge in this period. Read for Contemporary Postcolonial Literature. Women, Children, Oxen Dying in Caves. Apparently when the French diplomat replied that the king would not lower himself to correspond with the dey, the dey struck the consul with a fly whisk.

Events in History at the Time the Novel Takes Place Conquest of Algeria Before the nineteenth-century French invasion, the Turks of the Ottoman Empire ruled Algeria indirectly through indigenous leaders and urban aristocratic families.

Words hold the keys to Algeria’s past, the world shattered by the French invasion and conquest of the midth century, when 25 years of war ruined the country.

This opening scene in the novel is recalled more than 40 years adsia the event by a woman aware that this first school day marked her initiation into a new space and a new language. The Family Code rescinded rights incorporated into the constitution. Is all knowledge written in French, even if written by a post Colonial Al This book is very well written and crushingly literary.


In the process, Djebar is forced to come to terms with her attitude towards the French language, which has simultaneously liberated her from the harem and brought her face to face with colonial injustice. But the French conquerers wrote of it, much more than the Algerian defenders.

Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade by Assia Djebar

The French-controlled government promptly disbanded the AML, after which the French and Algerian communities grew further apart.

French paratroopers and members of the Foreign Legion torture and kill the inhabitants of the mountain village of El-Aroub in This disconnect had a tendency to pull me out of the reading, and made this book assix slow-going for me, at times. Searching for words and so dream no more, wait no longer. Some of these retellings are gripping and devastating because when Djebar restrains her anger and allows history to speak for itself, the book sails.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. L’Amour, La Fantais Ethnically rich and inspiring in its descriptions, this collection of vignettes is an eye-opening look at a courageous North African country and people that have undergone an incredibly difficult history of colonization, war, and fantasoa against poverty, and oppression–of its women in particular.

Her prose sometimes has the detachment of an historian, sometimes the immediacy of personal confession, sometimes the intoxication of a poet—but a normal novel this is not. It is not fiction created from whole-cloth, either. Later, Djebar attended a Quranic private boarding school in Blidawhere she was one of only two girls.