Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp (ATG) är travsportens samverkansorgan för spel Första gången man kunde spela V64 var och i dag kan man spela V ATG Logotyp · Öppna konto. Logga in V75, V86, V64 och HARRY BOY är exempel på varumärken som tillhör AB Trav och Galopp. Våra regler och villkor. Win, Show, Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, Double, V3, V4, V5, V65, V64 and V Published by ATG, January Betting Regulations for the betting categories.

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Soft track Condition of a turf course with a large amount of moisture. Recall When the starter of the race finds reasoning for interference or problems among the field of horses when they are behind the starting gate, a recall is made and the horses must regroup and begin again. Scratch The act of withdrawing an entered horse from a contest after closing of entries.

V Veterinarian Veterinarian The commission or board veterinarian, sometimes referred to as the state veterinarian, is usually appointed by the state racing commission. G Gait Gait Any of the ways a horse may move by lifting stg feet in different order or rhythm, and specifically in harness racing, trotting or pacing.

Slow track A racing strip that is wet on both the surface and base. I In the money In the money A horse that v644 first, second or third. Filly Female horse four-years-old or younger. Owner A person who holds any title, right or interest, whole or partial in a contestant, including the lessee and lessor of a contestant. Leaver A horse which starts quickly from the starting gate in a race.

If more than one horse offers the smallest return, there are said to be joint or co-favorites. Stretch Runner Horse that runs its fastest nearing the finish of a race. This is Swedish horse racing.

C Calculating Pool Calculating Pool The portion of the net pool that remains after deduction of the total value or the net value, as the case may be, of all bets on the winning horses in that pool. Work The finish line of a race. Tongue Tie Strip of cloth-type material used to stabilize a horse’s tongue to prevent it from “choking down” in a race or workout or to keep the tongue from sliding up over the bit, rendering the horse uncontrollable.


Also, distance covered between successive imprints of the same hoof. Daily Double is offered at the track with the main product of V75, V86, V64 or V65 and Lunch Double is offered at day racing together with main product of V4.

T Taken up Taken up A horse pulled up sharply by its driver because of being in close quarters. Exacta is offered on every thoroughbred race at various racetracks throughout Sweden. Heat One of a number of events to determine the ultimate winner of a race.

Auto Start The horses run on a line after a start-car. Added weight A horse carrying more weight than the conditions of the race require, usually because the jockey exceeds the stated limit.

Horses sink very deeply into it. Stick A jockey’s whip. Stretch Home Final straight portion of the racetrack to the finish. Post Position The pre-assigned position from which a horse will leave the starting gate. Quinella is offered on every trotting race at various racetracks throughout Sweden.

ATG and Swedish Horse Racing – Players Partners V75

You win if you correctly pick the winning combination of the first and second horse in exact order. Trifecta is offered on every race at b64 racetracks throughout Sweden. F False Favorite False Favorite Horse that is a race favorite despite being outclassed by other competition in the field.

When a horse draws post position one, it is considered to have drawn the “rail.


You make one combination on one coupon and pay for the combination a couple of times. You win if you correctly pick the winning combination of the first, second and third horse in exact order. W Win Win 1 Selection of the betting interest which finishes first. H Ag track Hard track A condition of a turf course where there is no resiliency to the surface.


Trial Race Part of a series of contests in which horses participate for the purpose of determining eligibility for a subsequent contest. Follow us on Facebook. Show is offered on every race at various racetracks throughout Sweden. Thoroughbred A purebred horse whose ancestry can be traced back to one of three foundation sires and whose pedigree is registered in the American Stud Book or in a foreign stud book that is recognized by the Jockey Club and the International Stud Book Committee.

Draw The process of assigning post positions and the process of selecting contestants in a manner to ensure compliance with the conditions of the rules of racing.

Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp

Paddock An enclosure in which horses scheduled to compete in a contest are saddled prior to racing. The starting car is equipped with red lights on top to alert drivers of a recall of a race. Bridle A piece of equipment, usually made of leather or nylon, which fits on a horse’s head and is where other equipment, such as a bit f64 the reins, are attached. P Pace Pace The speed at which a race is run at different stages. Locked In A horse that is surrounded by other horses during a race and cannot find clearance to move forward is stg to be “locked in”.

This person serves as professional adviser and consultant to the State Racing Commission on veterinary matters including all regulatory aspects of the application and practice of veterinary medicine at the track. Out of the Money A horse that finishes worse than third.