: The Bar Code Tattoo (): Suzanne Weyn: The Bar Code Tattoo and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Enjoying this preview? Become a member to read the full title. Join today and read free for 30 days. Need help? Start Your Free Trial. The Bar Code Tattoo. The Bar Code Tattoo Summary & Study Guide. Suzanne Weyn. This Study Guide consists of approximately 30 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character.

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Even in the Barcode Tattoo, Canada is a safe haven where people who want to use cash and remain untracked by Big Brother go to hide. Over the coming weeks, she spends more time with the students and comes to have an active part in their group.

The Bar Code Tattoo Summary & Study Guide

There were too many unexpected turns in the story to count, this was what grabbed my attention and kept me engaged in the reading of the book. Other books in the series. This study guide contains the following sections: Kayla joins a different resistance group, the Drakians. This book I find is an indication of what could happen to us in the future. Published September 1st by Scholastic Paperbacks.

I was excited to read it, I never got to it until this year. There were s The premise was brilliant– you could totally see these things happening in several years’ time.

Barccode these latent powers that everyone has that are suddenly stressed into expressing themselves? Through the need to be accepted people will conform to an idea just so they are “part of the crowd. Mar 02, Turtle rated it liked it. I’m so thankful to be in Canada sometimes.


The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn | Scholastic

Apparently they are being refused bar codes. Paperbackpages. Even more importantly, is it ethical morally right to deny people access to care or medical attention based on their genes? All the problems in the book are caused by her own inability to think for herself. He is dating another girl and our main character tolerates him dating another woman. However, the writing style was simply horrible. Her father has committed suicide and Kayla thinks barcodee to the depression that has been evident in him since soon after he got the tattoo.

And the endings are consistently underwritten and a pretty big letdown.

Bar Code Series

See what I mean? The Bar Code Tattoo is about something tsttoo is possible, which is a very scary thing to think about. This was a good concept that fell disappointingly flat. I think that yes, people can sometimes be treated as if they are inanimate, such as the social security numbers that you must have in order to make a living or the fact that you need a passport to go see your loved ones.

May 06, Marina rated it did not like it Shelves: Well, not literally but you g 1 The Barcode Tattoo was one of those books in my library that was constantly irritating me. Can anyone take that seriously after the elections?

Into a pile of poop. These lead to new people who will help her in her fight against President Waters and the Tattoo Gen.


That the only way to survive and help everyone tattio was under the influence of the barcode, she had to fight against getting a bar code tattoo.

Getting through this was a struggle, and I made excuses not to read it. This story heats up when Kayla and Mfumbe attend a rally in Washington, D. Hey, what would happen if the government forced us to all get tattoos that recorded all the information about us on our own skins? Are you stupid or what? View all 6 comments.

The book wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t ignore the flaws. How much do we do this already? But what if you say no? On the other hand, most of the good things listed above were poorly executed.

I haven’t read this book for a long time, perhaps even five years, but it has stuck with me for all of that time, since I first read this as a young teen. I’d say it was the second draft, just barely one step up from an I-have-this-idea-let’s-get-it-on-paper-really-quick draft and it needed three of four more to really flesh it out.

Nov 07, Jo Stevens rated it really liked it. The tattoo is supposed to make everything easier, because it keeps all of bxrcode information about a person in one place — I.