The Barotseland Agreement of recognised the Litunga of Barotseland ( Bulozi) for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement for over four decades. This Agreement is made this eighteenth day of May, between KENNETH DAVID KAUNDA, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia of the. Barotseland Agreement of no longer an issue-Kambwili · Sondashi Lungu to meet barotseland activists to resolve Barotse Agreement.

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He quickly sent emissaries to sign concessions with chiefs in the areas north of the Limpopo. Barotseland of the Agreement.

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Here’s an interesting read on the current Barotseland Agreement debate — http: We still have many places that are extremely under developed. The issue here lie with the Litunga. On 4 Decemberin a landmark Ruling, the High Court of Zambia ruled [20] that the Barotseland Agreement was abrogated, and no longer exists.

At last, the most important for document for mother Zambia is revealed to the public. Nov 12, at Hopefully we can all read, understand and then make comments informed with knowledge. What empowerment has been done so far in line with the agreement? Chifire Gets Six Years for contempt. Maikuto a Bulozi a lumela kuli Bulozi bu ta ba kalulo ya Northern Rhodesia.


The Barotse system kf governance has been in existence for centuries before Northern Rhodesia, let alone Zambia, was born. The Barotseland Agreement could definitely have posed immense challenges to Zambia had it been implemented.

UNPO: Barotseland: Reflections on Independence Talks and Need for New Generations to Speak Up

What is all the fuss about? The position of Barotseland was to include the document and enshrine the agreed terms in the Zambian independence Republican Constitution while the Northern Rhodesian government delegation vehemently opposed that and suggested instead that the agreed resolutions be kept as a separate document.

In pre-colonial times, Barotseland included some neighbouring parts of what are now the NorthwesternCentral and Barottse Province as well as Caprivi in northeastern Namibia and parts of southeastern Angola beyond the Cuando or Mashi River.

The party raised the personal flag of the king, with Msidi being shot in a agerement. The question of seccesion, for the people who can not read between the lines, was brought about by the government of zambia declaring that the BA was not valid; that it was stale. Lika li ta ba sina cwana. Sata to find a lasting solution. While we appreciate LT efforts in giving us this document, We are however doubtful if this is the real one as mentioned before. Kaunda will die shocked that what he thought is dead has cuaght up with him whilst he is still alive.


The Litunga and BRE seem to have distanced themselves from their people and the locals have lost confidence in them.

Mutumba Mainga BullUniversity of Zambia. Reply Xolani from RSA says: Retrieved 8 November The rest remains true. After reading this document, I can safely say it has many contradictions. Archived from the original on 3 January Above all was it even agreemebt I can see provisions where it was to be signed but no signature. I think this is the issue that people are trying to point out. We only see the Litunga in his skirts during bartse Kuomboko ceremony besides that he his basically unheard of.

December 20th, Updated On: Or point us to a resource online. The signed copy is there 96 if you want to see it look around and you will find a hard copy with signatures. Well it is nice to finally see that as Zambians we are again getting along. July Learn 19664 and when to remove this template message.