The aim of this study is to compare two pulpotomy medicaments in primary molars Pulpotomy Dental Caries, Drug: Biodentine Drug: ProRoot. Extensive Decay in Primary Molars, Drug: Biodentine pulpotomy Drug: White MTA Pulpotomy using Tempophore as pulpotomy medicine in a control group. Biodentine pulpotomy was performed followed as pulpotomy medicament in primary molar teeth, on follow-up it was found to be successful.

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Biodentine pulpotomy several days after pulp exposure: Four case reports

The treatment of teeth with irreversible pulpitis is generally done with root canal therapy that can be considered as a prophylactic procedure, since the radicular pulp is often free of infection and the philosophy is to avoid further infection of the root canal system [ 1 ].

Calcium enriched mixture, Irreversible pulpitis, Root canal therapy, Stainless steel crown. After 6 months, the patient did not report any pain or complains along the observation period. Clinical applications, drawbacks, and mechanism of action. Permanent molar pulpotomy with a new endodontic cement: Biodentine pulpotomy several days after pulp exposure: Biodentine pulpotomy consisted of pulp tissue removal to a depth of 2 mm, then capping the pulpal wound with Biodentine, followed by immediate restoration.

The clinical applications of biodentine material have been discussed.


Biodentine or MTA for primary teeth pulpotomy? – National Elf Service

It is not recommended for those cases in which the pulp exposure is extensive or there has been a 2-week lapse between trauma and treatment. Success of an alternative for interim management of irreversible pulpitis. Resins have also been used for pulp therapy, mostly pulp-capping.

Studies with regards to management of mature permanent teeth with carious exposure and treatment with vital pulp therapies such as adult permanent tooth pulpotomy are scarce.

Spheroid model study comparing the biocompatibility of Biodentine and MTA. These unique properties include its ease biofentine handling, short setting time, and high push out bond strength as well as its acceptable cost [ 6465 ].

In pulootomy series of cases, Cauwels et al. An ideal perforation repair material should provide a tight seal between the oral environment and periradicular tissues [ 59 ].

The Dental Elf

Cohen S, Bums RC, editors. Therefore, biodentine can be advised successfully in weakened necrotic immature teeth [ 550 ].

Antibacterial effects of five different root canal sealing materials. J Interdiscipl Med Dent Sci. Borkar and Ida Ataide.

However, biodentine required less time for the pulpotomy procedure [ biiodentine ]. History revealed trauma to the tooth 5 days back.

Orstavik D, Pittford T, editors; pp. These signs and symptoms indicate a vital pulp which is worthy of preservation.

A comprehensive literature review – part II: Biodentine has the potential of making major contributions to maintaining pulp vitality in patients judiciously selected for pulpotomy treatment [ 21 ]. Articles from Journal of Conservative Dentistry: CEM cement and Biodentine display combined properties of biocompatibility of MTA with more efficient characteristics, such as a significantly shorter setting time, good handling characteristics, and no tooth staining.


Any tooth can be preserved after traumatic or accidental exposure if the pulp is healthy regardless of whether it has open apex or closed.

J Oral Hyg Health 3: Pulpotomy is another widely used vital pulp therapy method in which biodentine is advocated to be used [ 6 ]. Clinically, a 6 month follow up study of biodentine in nineteen class I and II posterior restorations showed a very good marginal adaptation and pulpotoky finish along with absence of pain and sensitivity [ 25 ].

The pulp chamber was irrigated with sterile normal saline solution to remove any pulpal tags and bleeding from the root canals was arrested with the help of gentle application of cotton soaked in sterile normal saline solution for 5 minutes.

A case series outcomes assessment. Ann Jose ankara escort.