Lalmohan Ganguly, alias Jatayu − a sidekick of Feluda − gets invited to Mumbai ( previously Bombay) to watch the shooting of a film based on a novel written by. Buy Bombaiyer Bombete for Rs. online. Bombaiyer Bombete at best prices with FREE shipping & cash on delivery. Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement .

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Add the first question. Dvd cover of Bombaiyer Bombete. The narrative is beautifully built with just enough thrill, comedy and drama to keep you engrossed through its two hour runtime. Start your free trial.

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Dipu Number 2 Best Bangla movie At the day of shoot, the trio board a train where an action sequence is being shot, and Sanyal shows up. After the huge success of Bombaiyer Bombete, four sequels have been made till bombayer Connections Follows Joi Baba Felunath: The storytelling of this movie weren’t the same as the previous Feluda films and Feluda TV films.

Notify me of new posts via email. Feluda and team check in a hotel, where they are told by Pulok about the murder, and the trio meet inspector Patwardhan Anjan Srivastav.



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You are commenting using your WordPress. Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay’s famous tale of 3 generations of women and their changing position in society, seen bombege relation to a box of jewels, handed down from one generation to the next.

Filmography Literary works Awards for Satyajit Ray. The other cast members also did a nice job except Bibhu Bhattacharya who is a pathetic choice for the role of Jatayu.


The trio next meet the producer of the film Mr. The film comes at you straight out of real life with the performances so real that at many junctures you are bound to forget that you are watching a film. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed.

Sandip Ray sensed the screen potentials of this particular story well and evidently made this film with immense passion for his father’s work.

Bombaiyer Bombete was the eleventh film of Sabyasachi Chakrabarty as Feluda. Although the movie was a box office success, the movie was criticised for its making style. Notify me of new comments via email. He kills the assassin, and drops a piece of paper near the body.

Ashish Vidyarthi as the baddie is apt. Edit Did You Know? This site bomvete cookies. His men attacked them in order to get the parcel, and that Victor was instructed by Feluda to jump in their compartment if he sensed danger. The Surgical Strike 0. Before he leaves for Bombay, Jatayu is visited by a strange Bengali film producer Sanyal Ashish Vidyarthi who also offers to buy the rights of his book.


Bombaiyer Bombete – video dailymotion

Further, it is revealed that in the novel, Jatayu mentioned a fictional building called the Shivaji Castle, which is the residence of the villain of obmbete novel, but finds out that the building is there for real, and is the residence of Mr Gorey. Learn more More Like This.

A man and a woman fall in love through exchanging letters but destiny keeps separating them. Can Feluda solve the Bombste movie was a sequel to the Feluda TV film series which was a sequel to the Satyajit Ray ‘s Feluda film series Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy Bombaiyer Bombete film Dvd cover of Bombaiyer Bombete.

But Bombaiyer Bombete was set into this world and present time. Haajar Bachhar Dhorey