Bomber follows the progress of an Allied air raid through a period of 24 hours in the summer of , portraying all the participants in a terrifying drama, both in. The classic novel of the Second World War that relates in devastating detail the hour story of an allied bombing is a novel war. There are no. Listen to “Bomber” by Len Deighton available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Richard Burnip. Start a free day trial today and get your first audiobook free.

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Bomber follows the progress deeighton an Allied air raid through a period deightob twenty-four hours in the summer of This book was very detailed and had story lines on both the English and German sides, but had a hard time pulling the stories and the various characters together at the end. Since the story concerns 24 hours leading up to and encompassing an RAF bombing of a German town during the Second World War, Deighton required extensive information to get the details right, especially since the novel was essentially about one set of machines fighting another set of machines.

Deighton follows the crews of several bombers, sent on night-time raid against the Ruhr. I liked the style of writing. Len Deighton – Bomber.

Not the kind of book I normally read but was recommended to me by a friend. It has been several days since I finished reading xeighton I am still thinking about the characters and the final moments painted so vividly by Deighton. Bomber by Len Deighton. The prose, at times, is barely a step up from technical writing it is, of course, an important step. Thankfully, Bomber livens up a bit once the planes are airborne, about halfway through the five hundred pages.

As for his writing, it’s smooth as always, but the glibness he displays in his spy novels here becomes an unsettling detachment as he describes the dismemberment, disembowelment, and disintegration of characters with whom the reader has just spent the last several hundred pages.


Continue deightkn Checkout Continue shopping. Black humour is usually something of a Deighton trademark, but here it seems to have been squeezed out by the serious nature of his intentions. It was repeated on Radio 4 Extra on Armistice Day What was the first novel ever written on a word processor?

This is surprisingly effective, and as each successive event is dissected, the pointlessness and barbarity of war dighton laid bare. Deighton spends a long time introducing a huge array of characters and it can be a challenge remembering who is who as the book progresses. It brings home in brutal detail the reality of the bombing campaign in WW2.

WW2 enthusiasts, aviation buffs, fans of historical fiction. Deighton worked as an airline steward with BOAC. Subscribe Enter your email address: None of the characters are particularly memorable, and it was hard to keep them straight at first. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.

Deighton is a historian as well as a novelist, and the technical aspects of the novel are precise. This represented a deceleration equivalent to times the force of gravity.

When I realized this I couldn’t help but agree.

Bomber (novel) – Wikipedia

The only gripe I had with it was the almost too-seamless blending of flashbacks and other storylines with the present thread. Willi Reinecke Alice Arnold This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Told from the viewpoint of both Boomber and German sides, Deighton utilises a clinically detached vantage point. I mean really who cares what the 5th airplane mechanic from the left had for breakfast.

Bomber by Len Deighton is Detailed Historic Fiction of the Highest Caliber | Agent Palmer

As the raid reaches its climax, Deighton erases that distinction, and switches rapidly between the bombers and the bombed. The title should be at least 4 characters long. In fact there is no primary story to the novel other than a large air raid with hundreds of planes eventually takes place late in the book and one is bored to tears with the rest of it. Catch about the stresses and strains of being a pilot, and Slaughterhouse-Five about the effects of saturation bombing as experienced by Deightno.


The Deighton Dossier

In the meantime, the farmers and citizens bemoan the loss of excellent farmland to huge airfields, land they know will never be returned. But I did also have trouble remembering some of the British crews’ airplanes like who flew in “The Volkswagen”, who had “Joe for King”so perhaps some of the inattention bomger from simply reading deighfon fast. It’s a fair and sympathetic look at the terror that people experienced, both on the ground and in the air.

Preview — Bomber by Len Deighton. In each chapter, the plot is advanced by seeing the progress of the day through lrn eyes of protagonists on both sides of the conflict. Fellow pilot Unteroffizier Christian Himmel is outraged to learn that Luftwaffe doctors are participating in Nazi human experimentation on concentration camp inmates. An exhaustive and, to some extent, exhausting fictional account of a British bombing raid on a German town in mid I can see why Lemmy was so inspired!

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He piles on details and specifications about the flight envelope of the Lancaster, the plotting techniques of German radar operators, the methods of Luftwaffe homber fighters, and the physics of white phosphorous. Involuntarily his bowels and bladder relaxed and he felt himself befouled. On any given page, the point-of-view might shift between two or more characters.

Oct 03, Tim Caines rated it really liked it. The touchstones novels about Second World War bombing are both American: This is an incredibly detailed look at the bombing of Germany, from both sides.

We got to see the laundry flapping as the the fighter plane took off. Deighton takes the time to describe many of these fatalities in clinical detail, as though writing an autopsy.