Bonderizing is a chemical process to help prevent the corrosion of iron, steel, and other metals. You can also add a definition of Bonderizing yourself The process of treating a metal surface with a zinc phosphate coating in preparation for painting or. Bonderizing Process. Lubricating film for cold forging of aluminum-based metal. Our automatic processing line for aluminum-based metal has been in operation.

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This is a continuing free service pro- vided to assure the manufacturer the greatest possi- ble benefit from the rust-proofing operation.

Bonderizing Suppliers

This laboratory’ is also fitted with a paint sprav booth, as well as an electricalK heated, thermostaticall con- processs, high temperature baking oxen tor drying paini finishes over Parker COatingS, preparat. To meet this condition, various accelerated labora- tory tests have been devised to create in a matter of days the effects that might require years of weather- ing to produce.

A few outstanding manufacturers o products using Bonderizing: Retrieved from ” https: As tests ma] cover a 25 to day period, the accumulation of pieces under observation may be considerable. Two to five minutes is usual ly sufficient, depending upon the type of metal being treated. The size of the prcess sec- tion and speed of the conveyor are adjusted to allow usually sixty seconds in the Bonderizing spray.

Bonderized material should be immediately painted after installation as the exposed phosphate coating is prone to white rust. Retrieved April 12, Give us a call at or contact us online and get a quote today! With this continuous sales and ad- vertising effort, widespread knowledge of the value of Parker Processes is be- ing indelibly impressed upon the minds of everyone who uses iron or steel and is creating a preference for this type of rust-proofing, which be- comes more and more valuable to all manufacturers who are using Bonder- izing in their finishing operations.

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Producers have found that prospective buyers are impressed with this added quality and take special pains to see that they are informed bknderizing this unseen value. M an ufact urers of architectural products will find this bknderizing strong selling point. Manganese phosphating produces a medium- to dark-gray or black finish.

Pittsburgh Electro Galvanizing Co. While this service is procews routine so far as periodic checking is concerned, it bondeirzing available at a moment’s notice in case quick assistance is required.

Bonderized Steel Supplier

Due to the short processing time, equipment re- quirements are minimized, less floor space is needed, and, by recirculating the solution, it is possible to process a given amount of work with a smaller volume of working solution. Iron phosphating produces a black or dark gray finish similar to manganese phosphating. The finish has definitely failed after 18 months exposure.

Light areas show where alkali has de- stroyed the paint film surrounding rusted abrasion. It essentially provided an iron phosphating process, using phosphoric acid.

Bonderized Steel – Paint Grip Galvanized Steel Supplier | Curtis Steel Company

Its pleasing deep black color harmonizes with most mechanical assem- blies, or may be painted when desired. Coslett, of Birmingham, Englandsubsequently filed a patent based on this same process in America inwhich was granted U. There is no distortion nor dimensional change result- ing from the Bonderite Process. The conditions surrounding refrigerators are bonderizin cially conducive to rust.


Each installa- tion is engineered to fit the special production requirements of the user.

Parkerizing is usually considered to be an improved zinc or manganese phosphating process, and not to be an improved iron phosphating process, although some use the term parkerizing as a generic term for applying phosphating or phosphatizing coatings that does include the iron phosphating process. The high concentration of these chemicals orocess mits packing a large amount of rust-proofing energy in a comparatively small container, thus reducing storage facilities and freight costs to a minimum.

The process involves submerging the metal part into a phosphoric acid solution whose key ingredient is often zinc or manganesewith varying additional amounts of nitrateschloratesand copper.

Minority Owned Not Specified. So important is this regarded by many manufacturers that they devote space in their catalogs, booklets and folders to the item of rust-proof fin- ishes. The ultimate result was that Clark W. Normally, production passes immediately from the Spra-Bonderizing section to dual rinsing, and then to final finishing.

This process produces the dull grey color characteristic of paint grip bondeerizing steel which provides an excellent “primer” for painting applications.