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Industrial Gearmotors

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “X Series” P. BCR Series servomotors are designed to satisfy the needs of continuous and transient high torque applications.

Bonfiglioli Shaft mounted speed reducers. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Spare parts list W Series” P.

VF and W series. Tertiary packaging Palletizing machines.

Catalovue per comando ruoteWheel drives for pneumatic tyred roller machines up to 28 tons. In Europe, the energy efficiency of low voltage electric motors used to beclassified Type Rated torque [Nm].

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Drives for Road Machinery” P. Symbol refers to weight of gearmotors and speed reducers.

Industrial and Bearing Supplies | BONFIGLIOLI

Plug-in solid output shaft as an bonfigliolli. Motors are designed for use in industrial environments and are The dimensions of the motor are drastically reduced, with considerable advantages in terms of torque density, overall dimensions and dynamic performance. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Active Cube 8 series – Servoinverter – The high power solution” P. Symbol referring to bongiglioli gearboxes. Top torque density, product variety, extremely wide speed choice, great compactness and price effectiveness make the C series the unparalleled line of helical gearmotors and speed reducers.


The HDPE Extruder gearbox series is the configuration specifically developed for single- bonfiglioki extruder drive generated from the renown heavy duty series HDP, with which it shares most of the component parts and gearing.

Possono derivare dannialla salute e rischi per lasicurezza delle persone. As an additional benefit downsizing to an improvement of energy efficiency by selecting a more compact gearbox with higher torque density and reducing significantly the accelerating mass.

Expansion of analog, digital inputs and outputs, additional encoder or resolver input and sincos encoder, repetition frequency output, System bus. Wide range of coupling configurations to suit most common servomotors. Bonfiglioli Low backlash planetary gearboxes.

E calcolata in base Type Power kW 1ph.

VF/W Series

Vplus software provides a common programming and monitoring platform for all Bonfiglioli inverter drives. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Solutions for access platforms” P.

Flange with motor coupling bell and catalogeu elastic joint between the cylindrical shafts of the motor and gearbox. I may revoke my declaration of consent at any time to the company cataolgue future marketing communications by writing to corporatemkt bonfiglioli. Mounting dimensions to customer specifications can be provided.


Complete machine solutionsconsisting of new BMI Human machine interfaceseries GOO Bonfiglioli3Bonfiglioli, one name for a large international group. After having read the privacy disclosure: Their planetary drive train makes them the ideal choice for all the severe duty applications where shock loadings and impacts gearrbox more the rule than the exception. Standard shaft is keyed hollow to UNI ATEX compliant gear units.

Backlash [arcmin] Standard lower than 5 arcmin Reduced lower than 4 arcmin. C-A-F seriesWe have a relentless commitment to excellence, innovationand sustainability. The extremely small size of these motors, achieved by the use of advanced materials and design technology, ensures exceptional dynamics and low temperature operation. Low backlash planetary gearboxes.

Sturdy cast iron housing suitable for outdoor installation. High acceleration capacity due to lower motor moment of inertia.