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It is a silent presence, but all the more meaningful; one worth experiencing, if only to eventually agree — or disagree — with the bruczkowskk. Those I met in Sydney were chairpersons of big non-governmental organisations or university lecturers.

Bezsennosc W Tokio Bruczkowski Marcin Good Book | eBay

I want to wait with writing diaries until because then the publisher may fit printing it in with my obituary which, what is well known, considerably influences the sale.

And maybe get to know them, which has nothing to do with any factual knowledge about them. Maybe, as a matter of fact, that is what globalisation is about. It has two covers and a few hundred pages between so this tag, I suppose, is factually unquestionable?

Or maybe it tokuo just a change in mentality and the fact that I think like the author has no connection neither with me, nor with the author, bruczkowskl with things that surround the author and me.

They go there to meet them.

The author uses an approach that is purposefully specific and subjective. At the same time, the backdrop of the Japanese Archipelago is just a pretext, a context both obvious and nearly transparent. I simply spent there the most happy years of my life and my book is based on these particular memories and experience. Just after that my son asked me how many languages I actually know and one woman felt urge to know if I speak Czech.


Sleepless in Tokyo

The result is yokio insightful vision of Japan, a country where numerous foreigners undertake individual struggles with the surrounding reality and experience adventures, some funny, some moving. He studied there, taught English, worked, ran a company for ten years.

It is part cultural guide, part anthropological tract, guiding us through the mass of Japanese uniqueness and showing that, in fact, we are all just, well, people — and part modern day Don Quixote, discoursing on issues of the day. The simple old rule to speak loud and slowly performs well in the whole world, in fact.

Zagubieni w Tokio

He combines an autobiographical motive with literary fiction in a free, but successful and attractive manner. I had a feeling for a while that either I was sitting once in the head of the author or he used to sit in mine without me knowing about it. Maybe a telepathic contact with the author Our intrepid hero, Martin, a Canadian of Polish descent who lived in Tokyo for 10 years, takes us by the hand, and with his Irish sidekick, Sean, leads us through the wonders of this fascinating place — not the wonders that most people are familiar with, not the economic miracle and the bright lights — no, he takes us through a far quirkier, but at the same time far more human, land of wonky beer machines on hot sultry nights in downtown Tokyo.

It also reminded me that countess who, when asked if she speeks Chinese, answered: To do it I should have been studied that culture thoroughly for many years at first and I have never been doing it.


I could never understood what kinds of intellectual entertainments are hidden in passion for tagging. Or maybe all of it? A companion, a report, a reportage, a fictionalized documentary or a diary?

Facts about Japan are never presented in a descriptive form — they are discovered through the adventures of the protagonist and his friends, or in conversations with other characters, both foreigners and Japanese. Then he spent some time in Singapur and in came back to Poland. He also got to know something about him: Tokio described by Bruczkowski contradicts all of stereotypes concerning this city.

Here is a book that takes the reader on a special journey through modern Japan.

Witryna : Journals Showcase

Author Behind scenes Books Contact. Journals Showcase Witryna Czasopism. However many volumes on Japan they may have collected, this book will show them a different aspect of the country and will shake many established views on the subject.

The book can be read on many levels. Thanks to Google search I have also found that he had some problems with palmtop and that he was selling cheap! Above all, the book is extremely funny and at times moving, with plenty of dialogue, lively, fast-moving action accompanied by many photos and graphics that add to the feeling of realism.