*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Yage Letters: an early epistolary novel by William S. Burroughs, whose account of himself as Junkie. The Yage Letters Redux. William S. Burroughs, Author, Allen Ginsberg, Author, Oliver Harris, Editor. City Lights $ (p) ISBN. For forty years The Yage Letters has been one of the most popular texts in the Burroughs oeuvre, a short (18, word) and accessible introduction to his work.

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These analogues are of two kinds: View Full Version of PW.

Ginsberg seems like he was a good friend. Should the colons be replaced by commas to bring the letters correctly into line with the author’s practice and to remove the “corruption” of Carroll’s editing? I guess civil servants in South America are no different from anywhere else lettera, both past and present.

See all 13 reviews. The second irony concerns the material appearance in Floating Bear of the two Burroughs texts that would later appear in The Yage Letters.

The Yage Letters

Burroughs,which is contradicted by the fact that his “Yage” manuscript was entirely separate and mostly not even based on real lettersand secondly, that Ferlinghetti worked on any Burroughs manuscript at all, whereas actually, apart from the two Ginsberg letters, everything in The Yage Letters derived directly from earlier magazine publications.

For example, Ferlinghetti strikes the frequent use of the word ‘nigger,’ substituting ‘Nigra’ or omitting the references altogether” However, something else might be involved if a pattern were observable.

Vine of the Soul: Grove, ; Black Cat edition] Interviews with William S.


Books of the Week. In the form of an epistolary narrative, the bulk of it documents Burroughs’ seven-month journey through the Amazonian jungles of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru in Jennie Skerl’s lwtters words in her study were the most detailed analysis until, in the last few years, two critics working outside the Burroughs field Mullins inMartinez in advanced strong thematic readings that focus on sexuality and race.

Return to Book Page. Or in process of turning into crustaceans. Dear Al, I’m detoxing.

Not Burroughs’ Final Fix: Materializing The Yage Letters

Thus in ygae “Editors’ Note,” Grauerholz and Miles observe–unlike Loranger–that the texts of the Olympia and Grove Naked Lunch “are quite different”but since they give no details, it remains unclear how a comparative descriptive analysis informed their editing practice. Although all editions carried a note acknowledging these part-publications, full details were never given, and were given sometimes only to be obscured e.

Burroughs’ mysterious reply is sent.

The reception of “In Quest of Yage” in Big Table is letterrs by its immediate bibliographical context in unique ways. Since these are mostly personal letters to Ginsberg, they aren’t the cut up collage style you’d find in Naked Lunch, however he does mention this in one of his letters and does a little of it in a poem and maybe his last statement aimed at all humanity.

The Yage Letters: William S. Burroughs: : Books

The Beats were a con What else must a white man do but study that which he does not know? However, for those not yet familar with his revolutionary writing style I recommend Cities of the Red Night, and Junky. As well as their particular social and cultural histories, each of these magazines presented Burroughs’ material in distinct bibliographic environments, inviting us to consider both how these part-texts were received in their original publishing contexts, and how this relates to the reception and indeed, production of The Yage Letters.


This page was last edited on burrpughs Mayat InSkerl claimed that the “mode of composition actual lettersthe collaborative editing yae publication, and the inclusion of later material” all make The Yage Letters “typical of Burroughs’ practice as a writer”: The result is practical, not ideal; useful and usable, not perfect” Adventures in Writing, Indeed, agency and authority are burrpughs as a coded joke in the very first line –“Panama clung to our bodies — Probably cut –” 65 –which takes the reader back to the first letter of “In Search of Yage”: Burroughd more about Amazon Prime.

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The six letters that use colons are the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh letters in the sequence of “In Search of Yage. Big Table was also exemplary of the “kamikaze” little magazine that realized a specific function and then folded after five issues.

It is possible to explore the relations between the hybrid textuality of this letter and its thematics of cultural hybridity, and so recognize the relation between Burroughs’ emerging experimental aesthetic and his background in ethnology and anthropology.