Links to translation of Dorotheus: Carmen Astrologicum, by e. Dorotheus of Sidon, who appears to have lived in Alexandria, flourished in the first century AD. He wrote his Pentateuch (five books) on. CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM. translated by David Pingree. The first book of Dorotheus from the stars on the judgments concerning nativities: on the upbringing.

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It is worse than this if Mars in a nativity like this is the lord of the ascendant or astologicum the Moon as this indicates the enmity of some of the brothers to others.

If you find the Moon when the nativity is nocturnal in a masculine sign while the ascendant is feminine, or the Sun in a diurnal nativity is in a feminine sign while the ascendant is masculine, the native is like a slave.

Subjects Dorotheus, — of Sidon. This is the first book of Dorotheus the Egyptian, on the judgments concerning nativities. Praise to God, the grantor of fortune to whom He wishes of His servants because of his excellence, and Who removes misfortune from whom He wishes of His servants because of his faith, and Who is generous, beneficent, just, [and] compassionate.

If it is thus, it indicates injury to his condition and injury to the condition of his mother unless we find a benefic aspecting the ascendant and the Moon as the ascendant indicates the native and the Moon and Venus his mother. To know the condition of a sick man The power of the seven planets.

Saturn rejoices arriving at Aquarius.

Dorothei Sidonii Carmen astrologicum (Book, ) []

Aastrologicum — Early works to An appendix with charts in modern format. If with this it [the Sun] is in the term[s] of the malefics, it indicates the squandering of his father’s property. Similarly look in the nativity of a woman at the lot of wedding; as I told you in the consideration about the wedding of men [it is] from Venus, so similarly for women look from Mars.

If Venus is in a tropical sign which is its own place in the strength of places, it indicates his change from [one] wife to [another] wife, especially if planets aspect it [the place].

Dorotheus, Carmen Astrologicum: links to translation

astrplogicum If it is Mercury, then this calamity and injury is because of argument and talk, and some of them will marry a woman who has been in service as a concubine, but thieves stole her away. He, like the Greeks of his day, also uses the Dodecatemoria, which are the twelfths of a sign.


Similarly say thus if you find Saturn in a nocturnal nativity aspecting the Sun and the Moon.

Don’t have an account? Christopher rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Arrival of the Sun in the places If you wish to know how many will be born to his mother before she bears [them], then look at the ascendant and at crmen lord[s] of its triplicity, and consider which lord of its triplicity is the stronger.

If the Sun in a diurnal nativity is in a cardine or in its own triplicity, it will drive off the evil for nineteen years, but astrologicjm will not happen to it [the Sun] in a nocturnal nativity. He wrote his Pentateuch five books on astrology in Greek, in verse.

Links to translation of Dorotheus of Sidon: Carmen Astrologicum

Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours. If you find a planet in opposition or quartile to the csrmen, then predict that he will abound in children. Count from the degrees of Saturn to Venus and add to it the degrees of the ascendent [by day] or subtract it thirty at a time from the ascendent [by night]; wherever it reaches, then there is the lot of wedding.

If you find one of the two malefics in asrrologicum ascendant and the other opposite to it and the Moon in astorlogicum midheaven or in the seventh sign, the native has no upbringing. Knowledge of the lot of children. If you find Mars in the twelfth or in the cardine under the ashrologicum or in the cardine, the seventh [place], then there is no good in the matter of brothers, especially if you find the lord of the ascendant or the lord of the Moon with Mars or Mars aspecting Mercury.

But however it is, if you find astrologucum Moon between the two malefics [and] one of the malefics casts its rays upon it, then the livelihood of the native is little.

Venus also indicates thus if it is cadent or in a bad place while the malefics are in a feminine sign which is a cardine; then the native will be effeminate, weak in his joints and strength, and one will do in him the act of women.


This is known from what I wrote for you without trouble and without pain. If he is one [for] whom [the planets] aspecting Venus are eastern, then astrologcum will occur publicly.

If you find the lord of the triplicity of the ascendant eclipsed under the rays of the Sun or in a bad place, this indicates a diminution of life, and especially if with this first lord of the triplicity of the ascendant is also the carmem.

If Venus is in the cardine of the West or the cardine under the earth, it indicates for men the death of their women and the smallness of their constancy toward women.

If you find the lord of the lot of fortune under the rays of the Sun, then it has no power to grant good.

Dorothei Sidonii Carmen astrologicum

If it is Venus, then the bride’s dowry is damaged, and she will be furious with him like the burning of fire because of women, and the marriage will be with this thing. If the lord of this lot which I mentioned is Jupiter, then this benefit and the good which he attains will be from the nobles of men and it will be on account of women. Knowledge of masculine and feminine signs eastern and western and diurnal and nocturnal If you find the lord of the triplicity above the earth, then count from the ascendant to it, and the rest of the consideration is as I wrote for you; he who considers [correctly] is a master.

If its lord is in a good place and the benefics witness it, then predict good in him. Similarly, if you find the malefic [planets], both of them, in a cardine and the two luminaries, which are the Sun and the Moon, not aspecting the ascendant, this is an indication of evil [for] the woman.