CATWOE Analysis is a technique for understanding a stakeholders perspective and the impact that this view will have on the direction of the. A CATWOE analysis, according to Peter Checkland, is a simple checklist that can be used to stimulate thinking about problems and solutions. CATWOE is an. How project managers use CATWOE analysis to solve the business problems. Some CATWOE examples that demonstrate successful problem.

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The root definition names the systems or process in a structured way, making it clear who performs what task, for what purpose.

What Is a CATWOE Analysis?

Business Process Management Conference Europe This allows different stakeholders to test assertions, assumptions, positions, and integrity of the data and information, and ethical angle in each stakeholder analysis, and forms the basis for either effecting integration between two or more perspectives, prioritizing different perspectives based on the merits of the respective worldview, or selecting one perspective, overriding other perspectives.

Who are the actors who will ‘do the doing’, carrying out your solution? Therefore, it only makes sense to consider their needs first and foremost when solving a problem that has arisen. The changes include actually defining what all transformations Input underwent to finally become the Output.

Also the nature of these changes is listed. Analysing Business Search this site: In this case, the airport board is an important owner as well, with a lot of influence that allows them to force the change in the procedure.

What are the outputs?

Who is it that should be taking ownership of the situation at hand? Examples include ethical boundaries, regulations, financial constraints and environmental factors.

CATWOE Analysis

Abhishek Behl Operational Analyst “. Some problems may have obvious solutions — but those solutions may be impossible to implement due to environmental constraints such as your budget or the time you have available.


Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Each stakeholder prepares a root definition based on their perception, and a dialog among the different stakeholders and facilitators allows by consensus, modification of root definition models to integrate various perspectives, or selection of one model overriding other models.

This in-depth approach requires that you think about any given problem in a anslysis of ways, and you will find that you have a better understanding and appreciation for the issue after you do so. The customers in this situation are the airlines, their employees and passengers who will be affected by the change. How might they react?

What is CATWOE Analysis?

In addition to knowing in advance what the input requires and what the end result output will be, you also have to carefully consider the intermediate steps. These reports are based on multiple perceptions on a single scenario.

catsoe Usually, in order to get to the heart of the matter and truly solve a problem once and for all, you need to look deeper at what is lying below the surface in order to reach a solution that is going to stand up for the long run. The owners of the airlines are the ones who will eventually give or deny permission for changing the approach route and braking procedure.

Are they part of the problem to begin with, and can they be part of the solution?

BPMgeek cannot be held liable for any issues arising out catwpe it. Believe me it will make you learn in and out of the BA world The persistence of such perception-based differences creates difficulties in decision-making and analsis solving. Anonymous” “This website is really informative,supplied plenty of useful information about the nature of the Business Analysis and its horizon. Due to the present manual system, they are facing the problem of long processing time for application and tedious job of tracking their application.


The first step in a CATWOE analysis is to identifying such customers and understanding how the process or system affects them.

What is the impact on them? Enter situation considered problematical, express the problem situation, formulate root definitions of relevant systems of purposeful activity, build conceptual models of the systems named in the root definitions, comparing models with real world situations, define possible changes which are both possible and feasible, and take action cztwoe improve the problem situation.

BPMGeek is an initiative to collaborate and communicate with the growing Business process management community out there. Most businesses are made up of a ctwoe of processes that are executed on a periodic basis. What are all the steps in between? You have entered an incorrect email address! Transformation These are the changes that the system or process brings about. What is the process for transforming inputs into outputs? Your rating is more than welcome or share this article via Social media!

The CATWOE Analysis makes it possible to identify problem areas, what a company wants to achieve, and which solutions can influence the stakeholders. Step back from the problem and take a look at the bigger picture when you reach this stage of the analysis. How does this problem that you are facing impact those processes?

Please enter your name here. Clients Customers or clients are stakeholders who are the users of the system or process.