ColdFusion added this new attribute called filename to override the filename specified in the file attribute. A sample example is below cfmail. cfmail attachment from output – Coldfusion – Advanced Techniques. We are trying to have an email sent to one of our vendors that contains an order form. cfmail attachment – Coldfusion – Advanced Techniques. Can someone help Please. Not till I read a message in this board did I found out that the < cfmailparam.

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This content has been marked as final. The ColdFusion service user default localSystem must have permission to do anything with the file system or other resource. I can use the code: Attaches a file or adds a header to an e-mail message. Is there a way to somehow automatically delete the file after the message has been attachmentt

ColdFusion Help | cfmailparam

Display a file inline in a mail message. Login to Your Account. The following is the internal exception message: To do so, specify the variable in signs as the content attribute value, as in the following example:. I’m trying to use ColdFusion to send out emails containing attachments stored on our server.


Please type your message and try again. This view-only example displays an image in the body of an HTML message. If the attachment was a local file on the server I would expect it to under the default permissions of the default localSystem user.

To manage these attachments we call them 1. I can now see the sting in the tail.

Send attachments with cfmail??? | Adobe Community

Chris 71 1 1. The file is MIME encoded before sending. Is there anyway I can override this and specify my own filename separately from the file? Ryan’s suggestion attadhment probably the easiest solution. It seems that you do need to write the output to a temporary file on the server so you can then attach it to your email.

CF5 cfmail sending blank. Mutually exclusive with file attribute. Assume you want industrial-strength processing, and have Coldfusion version MX and admin rights to the server. Post as a guest Name.



Since CF8 you can cf,ail file and content as per: Decode the name of the file that will be attached to a mail body. I don’t think there is a way to attach a file but call it something different when attaching to an email.

Sign up using Email and Password. Check out Dan Switzer’s blog for an example on CF 7.

Not used with attachmenh name attribute. The cfmailparam tag now has a content attribute that lets you send the contents of a ColdFusion variable as an attachment.

Go to original post. What we need is a solution that will take the form output, and then output into word doent and attach said file to the email.

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