Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. [German Version]. Compiled around , this Byzantine chronicle of the world ( Chronicles: I) extends to the year and is an important source for the time of. Project progress: problems which the project leader came across during the edition project of the Chronicon paschale (Textstrata, Codex Unicus errors, previous.

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The annointed leaders lasted from Cyrus the king of the Persians up until Jannaeus Alexander, for years, which is 69 “sevens” of years, which were foretold by Daniel in this way. Jesus was high priest for 16 years.

Because of this, Onias the son of the high priest Onias went off to Egypt and founded the city there which is called “the city of Onias “, where chrknicon built a temple similar to the temple at Jerusalem. Jannaeus was high priest for 32 years. After the death of Crassus, who was killed by the Persians in a battle fought in the region of Persia, the dictator Caesar remained with his army to fight in the chronicn.


In his reign the Roman state prospered, and the rulers after him were called Caesars. They were called Christs by the prophets. Jannaeusthe son of Jodae, for 32 years. Therefore the saints, who expected to see the advent of Christ appearing in the flesh, deservedly found what they desired.

Later Herodeswho was king of the Jews though a foreigner, rebuilt the city and called it Sebaste. Onias, also called Menelausfor 7 years. In the year of these consuls, silver coinage was minted for the first time at Rome.

Chronicon paschale

The consul Camillus executed his own son, because he joined battle contrary to his father’s orders, even though he won the battle. After him, Judas Maccabaeus was leader of the Jews, and drove the infidels out of the country.

The Chronicle proper is preceded by an introduction containing reflections on Christian chronology and on the calculation of the Paschal Easter cycle. Aristobuluswho was the first to take on the royal diadem as well as the title of chronicln priest, for 1 year.


After this, it is clear that he reigned for a further 14 years. This view has been solidly refuted by Gelzer in his work on Sextus Julius Africanus. Then glory was given to Godand the scriptures were recognised as being truly inspired, because they had all produced the same translation.

In total, 5, curonicon [from the creation]. Jodae was high priest for 36 years. From until about the close of the reign of the Emperor Maurice the Chronicle gives little information and contains nothing more than the Fasti consulares.

The idiom used was that of common life, little polished, but finically ornate.

In total, years. Dexiphanes of Cnidus paschal the engineer who carried out this awesome task for her, turning the sea into land. For this reason, as I think, the disciples of Christ who were learned in the law said [?

The 72 wise men caused astonishment because they had each translated the scriptures while separated from each other, but when they came into Ptolemy ‘ presence and compared the translations, they were found chroniocn be identical. In his time, Alexander of Macedoniathe founder, founded Alexandria in Egypt and came to Jerusalem, where he prostated himself before the Lord God. Antiochus handed over SyriaPhoeniciaSamaria and Judaea as her dowry.

In his time, Antiochus besieged the Jews and forced them to adopt Greek customs. In the year of these consuls, the orator Cicero died on May 1st.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Simon, for 32 years. Jannaeus Alexanderwho was both king and high paschape, for 30 years.

Jacimusthe son of Jesus, for 30 years. Ptolemy the second Euergetes pascale his daughter in marriage to Alexanderthe king of Syria and Asia. A copy of PG. The annointed leaders lasted from the time of Cyrus up to this year for years, which is 69 “sevens” of years, as was foretold by the prophet Daniel as follows [9’25]: The intervening period was years, which is 69 “sevens” of years, the same figure which was pronounced in the prophecy of Daniel.


For the editions and the manuscripts cf. He stretched out his hands and begged the people to pray to God to save him. The chroncon prayed for God to protect his temple, [‘A] and suddenly angels riding on horses appeared from heaven. Because the island is four miles off the shore of Alexandria, she constructed a causeway of earth and stones out to sea so that men could walk out as far as the island and the Pharus. Onias, who was also called Menelaus, the Jewish high priest who had betrayed his country to Antiochus Epiphanes, was killed by Antiochus Eupator.

In Antioch the Great the freedom of the city, after paschake had chrohicon under Roman control, was proclaimed on the 20th day of the month of Artemisiusas authorised by Julius Caesar. At this time Antiochus the king of Syria besieged the Jews and forced them to adopt Greek customs. It should be noted from this that the succession of the kings of Judaea pasxhale come to an end.

Chronicon Paschale AD – Michael Whitby – Google Books

By a decree of the senate, the triumvirs divided the world between them. Simon became the 12th high priest at Jerusalem, for 22 years. He entered as far as the “adyta”, that is the Holy of holies of the temple, and despoiled the temple, seizing many treasures from it. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat These are the high priests who held office [‘A] after the return from the 70 years’ captivity, that is from the 8th year of Dareius the son of Hystaspeswhich was the second year of the 63rd Olympiad: The “Chronicon Paschale” is a huge compilation, attempting a chronological list of events from the creation of Adam.

This Antiochus killed the high priest Onias, also called Menelaus, through the agency of his general Andronicus.