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Use instrumentation to check the supply and extract air flow rates while the set point is varied or the demand at the terminal boxes is varied. Checklist should be used to record how the job will be commissioned and to monitor progress. Functional profiles for any direct interoperability integration.

CIBSE Commissioning Code W: Water distribution systems (CCW)

Start with a wide proportional band, i. If you don’t have an account, you can register now. Check that any specified building graphics indicating the location of detector heads can be viewed along with the status of each detector. In practice, most Fire or Building Control Officers will only accept interaction with an autonomous fire commissining system, i.

CIBSE Commissioning Codes

Contractor and client must allow sufficient time for the complete commissioning process. Check that any specified third party management software such as energy targeting and monitoring software can retrieve the necessary data from the BMS.

Take account of the active and inactive sections of a sensor probe. CIBSE Commissioning Code W represents current standards of good cdoe practice cmomissioning in the form of recommendations and guidance which are generally accepted in the building services industry. Ensure that dampers are sized correctly to give adequate authority it is poor practice to choose commissionng size of a modulating damper based on the duct size. For actuators with spring return motors check that the position assumed upon interruption of the power supply is correct.


However, in some contractual arrangements, some or all of the control system design work may be performed by the control system contractor. Check for the correct operation of interlocks including: Check that the reheat coil valve is fully open when the control system signals a boost or optimum heating start operation.

This should include control field devices and any operator. The fire alarm company must be party to the development of the functional test programme.

Check that the low inside air temperature signal is independent of both the low outside air temperature and cihse primary heating return water temperature signals and that it takes priority over these two signals.

It is unfortunately common to find sensors, especially those intended for flow and velocity measurement in air handling systems to be placed in positions too close to flow restrictions and coce in duct orientation. Calibration should be performed in accordance with national standards.

Control loops Check that the fan rotates in the correct direction. Sufficient spare capacity i n commissloning cable trunking to comply with BS Measurements of ventilation can be made at the air handling units by taking a traverse of the inIet duct using an appropriate measuring device see Appendix CA3.


Select an equal percentage valve characteristic unless there is good reason to select an alternative. Checklists serve a variety of functions and can help provide the following: Check that the fan operates at high speed when the zone temperature is more than the specified amount from the desired set point. In addition, due to overall project delays the commissioning of the control system is commiszioning rushed, also some items of plant may not be properly commissioned by the start of occupancy.

Binder test points should be provided for pipe sensors. All doorslgland plates to be earthed by cable links. Check that under normal operating conditions the valve is controlled in response to a PI control signal in order to comimssioning either the zone air or supply air temperature set point. T h e binding of graphics with monitored point data should be checked.

CIBSE Commissioning Codes

The calibration should be performed using a portable light sensor. The sensor should be installed at a height of approximately 1. Table 2 outlines the main tasks that can and cannot be performed off-site. Ensure spare back panel space is provided as specified.