The Ericsson cycle is an altered version of is often compared with the Stirling cycle. TERMODINÁMICA. Alumno: Frank Erick De la O Sánchez. Tema: Los ciclo de Carnot, Stirling y Ericsson-definiciones, análisis y diferencias. The Stirling cycle heat engine has many advantages such as high efficiencyand To realize this idea it is necessary to develop the Ericsson cycle heat engine. Internacional de Ciencias, Tecnología, Artes y Humanidades, pp. de un motor de ciclo Ericsson modificado empleando energía solar,” in.

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In Figure 7 we present the fragment of micro channel recuperator.

Termo 2 – Carnot Ericson Stirling

El gas se comprime a la temperatura constanteT2, desde el volumen inicialV2al volumen finalV1. Ena los 23 aos public su famosa obra Reflexions sur la puissance motrice dtirling feu et sur les machines propres a developer cette puissance Reflexiones sobre la potencia matriz del fuego y sobre las mquinas adecuadas para desarrollar esta potencia en la que introduce el concepto de transformaciones cclicas, segn el cual la transformacin del calor en trabajo mecnico slo h posible con el empleo de por lo menos dos fuentes de calor con temperaturas diferentes, demostrando adems la equivalencia entre el calor y el trabajo.

In this case it is necessary to increase the temperature of the hot cylinder to obtain good overall efficiency of the engine. Micro channel recuperator for Ericsson heat engine is proposed. To realize this idea it is necessary to develop the Ericsson cycle heat engine.

For this purpose it is necessary to have micro machine technology to produce this type of recuperator. The most well-known ideal cycle is the Carnot cyclealthough a useful Carnot engine is not known to have been invented. Ericsson’s engine also minimizes mechanical losses: Without phase change hot air engines.

Ciclo de Ericsson by Erika Jimena Cruz Sepúlveda on Prezi

The heat exchanger of the recuperator permits heating of the compressed gas using the heat energy of the expanded gas.


A special computer program was developed for estimation of parameters for the Ericsson cycle heat engine.

It is based on the open cycle; that is, the air from atmosphere enters to the two stage compressor with intermediate cooling. Direct Energy Conversion – Stanford University?? The intake piston and erricsson piston periodically open and close the intake windows and exhaust windows. The father of thermodynamic, Sadi Carnot, got his father of thermodynamic, Sadi Carnot, got his name after great Persian poet Sadi Musharifudin, The Ericsson Cycle Heat Engine at present is investigated not so good as the Stirling Engine, but it has many promising properties and can be considered as a good candidate for STES [ 9 — 11 ].

El ciclo de Carnot frente a otros ciclos Carnot como base de stirrling.

For further comparisons of thermodynamic cycles, see heat engine. International Stirling Engine Conference, View at Google Scholar B. This plate contains several circles of holes that form microchannels for compressed and expanded air.

Compared to the Brayton cycle which uses adiabatic compression and expansion, the second Ericsson cycle uses isothermal compression and expansion, thus producing more net work per stroke. The thermal conductivity of Helium and Hydrogen is times higher than the thermal conductivity of air. El motor stirlibg Ericsson se parece mucho al motor Stirling de doble accin, en el que el pistn desplazador acta como stirliny motor.

Let us evaluate the diameter of the disk.

In our case they are equal: La transferencia de calor sucede entre las dos corrientesEn el caso ideal la diferencia de temperatura entre las dos corrientes no excede una cantidad diferencial dT. Archived from the original on This recuperator has the volume about 32 liters and permits us to create the Ericsson engine with power of some kWts.

Debido a que el ciclo de Carnot es el ciclo ideal por excelencia es tomado como referente en comparaciones de otros ciclos en cuanto a eficiencia respecta, adems la expresin para el clculo de su eficiencia mxima es una expresin simple y en trminos de las temperaturas de sus focos lo cual adems denota que este es un proceso externamente reversible, ofreciendo as una manera de cuantificar la eficiencia relativa de una maquina trmica x con su mximo referente en cuanto al trabajo que podra producir.


Maxwell’s thermodynamic surface Entropy as energy dispersal. Free energy Free entropy. Conjugate variables in italics.

The compressor takes the gas from the intake port, slightly compresses it, and pushes the gas through the exhaust port. An important advantage of the Ericsson cycle over the widely known Stirling engine is often not recognized: There are many different sources of sustainable energy. Chapter 20 included in exam 1 Entropy All numerical values of the parameters in A. The method can also be used in piston engines including relatively low-power engine but in piston engines it demands the use of valves and cannot be realized in Stirling engine, but can be realized in Ericsson engine.

So we will have. En un proceso isotrmico reversible, la transferencia de calor se relaciona con el cambio de entropa mediante El cambio de entropa de un gas ideal durante un proceso isotrmico est dado por: This recuperator must work with the Ericsson engine shown in line 2 of Table 1.

En ericssson proceso 41, se trasfiere el gas a volumen constante hacia al foco caliente, el gas retira el calor depositado en el regenerador, aumentando su temperatura. Now we can calculate the number of disks that must contain our recuperator: