ACCORDING TO CLARICE LISPECTOR. Paul B. Dixon. Clarice Inspector’s A paixão segundo G. H. is a passion in more than one sense. It is an account of a. Availing herself of a single character, Lispector transforms a banal situation—a O livro “A Paixão Segundo G. H.” é a minha estreia literária com Clarice.

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Everything in the world, for a period of time without duration, became random shapes and figures without any organizing principle. She wrote towards the end that: Like most of her works, The Passion According to G. This violent and sudden awareness is forcing G.

It probably deserves five stars just for being such a unique work of art, but I feel more comfortable with four simply because lispecttor lacked that crucial element of enjoyment.

Looking back and going through it at the same time, G. Eat clariec fucking bug and get on with it if you have to, lady. There is also a wardrobe with the door slightly ajar. The only difference is that it is a pigeon for Suskind lixpector it is now a cockroach for Lispector.

The Passion According to G.H.

My main fear was that I would actually get stuck in the experience. Lispector attempts to evoke the unsayable through unconventional and paradoxical uses of language. Rather too often, it’s also borderline unreadable. An Eve who is proud to be naked! This is one of those books I would need to re-read in order to fully appreciate its brilliance. If you are the type of a reader who rates books according to your level of enjoyment while reading, then this book is not for you.


Now is time swollen to the limit.

The family Clarice Lispector was a Brazilian writer. The novel was written in a quick burst at the end offollowing a period of difficulty in Lispector’s life. None of this can be afforded an effort. Acclaimed internationally for her innovative novels and short stories, she was also a journalist. So I opened my eyes all at once, and saw the full endless vastness of the room, that room that was vibrating in silence, laboratory of hell.

Paperbackpages. Or maybe I thought I understood based on my interpretations. A friend in Brazil told me of a young woman in Rio who’d read Clarice Lispector obsessively and was convinced—as I and legions of other Clarice devotees have been—that she and Clarice Lispector would have a life-changing connection if they met in person.

There is a person, a place, an event that has occurred!

Lists with This Book. Always giving you a smug pitying look at a party, as though they’ve figured out something profound about the nature of lispecgor that you’re too silly to understand. Her stream-of-consciousness style of writing varies its beat, slurs its words.

The Passion According to G.H. by Clarice Lispector

This combined with the setting – staring at the vile roach carcass, made me feel suffocated, claustrophobic. She panics, not cparice the crushed insect but the dizzying array of thoughts and questions spun sudden through her mind.

It was an honor to sweat through this so doggedly engaging testimony to strength and courage. But I shouldn’t say I experienced it because it’s difficult to experience something that doesn’t extend itself in time; I should say that I remembered the feeling from it.

She blew me away, yet again. Does it even have anything to do with your motion down the highway?


It was such an unpleasant reading experience. A note exists between two notes of music, between two facts exists a fact, between two grains of sand no matter how close together there exists an interval of space, a sense that exists between senses- in the interstices of primordial matter is the line of mystery, and fire that is the breathing of the world, and the continual breathing of the world is what we hear and call silence.

I was the image of what I was not, and that image of not-being overwhelmed me. In the maid’s room, G. Here, however, Lispecter chose to fly away above our–and her own–heads. Our language fails it.

In a span of time too short to register—a time without duration, just as in math a line theoretically has length but not width or depth and is therefore invisible—I experienced the crisis. No me da miedo exagerar, porque les puedo asegurar que me quedo corta, con cualquier cosa que diga. She would no longer fit in, more significantly all lying in front of her lay unknown and always unknown.

Poesia y Poetica : Clarice Lispector :

There are parallels to be drawn with Kafka’s The Metamorphosis – but I found Kafka far more palatable yes! She slams the door crushing it in half.

Do I even need to tell you that this is not a book for everyone?