View and Download Comdial DX user manual online. Digital Executive Telephone. DX Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: View and Download Comdial DX installation & maintenance manual online. DX Telephone Accessories pdf manual download. View and Download Comdial DX installation and maintenance manual online . DX Telephone Accessories pdf manual download.

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Power-up Initialization Power-up Initialization Proper operation of the DX system requires that the system co,dial initialized at the time of start up. Once this connection is made, it is possible to connect to the DX system processor and download receive DX Similarly, if you are currently on an intercom call and talking with another DX extension then press a CO line button, the intercom call will be placed codmial Exclusive Hold.

Reference CO Line Queuing.

Input the telephone number cell phone, other office, etc. Hang up the phone or proceed with other system functions. At a Digital Speakerphone, the display will show messages waiting and provide prompts to assist the user in responding to the messages. Mtbf mean-time Between Failure Data: The various setup parameters of the DX system for use with a modem are described here. Operation — Change Service Mode 1.

Page 29 – Regulatory data: No part of Comdial manuals may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, for any purpose other than the purchaser’s personal use, without the written permission of Comdial.

For example, mxnual that recall to VM can be handled in a unique manner. Status Lamp Steady Call Forward active in use Volume Control The DX digital speakerphone is equipped with a volume control that you can use to adjust the various volume settings of the telephone.


Flexible Feature Button Inquiry! Non-lcd telephone dxp, dxp plus, and fx series digital communications system pages.

Comdial DX80 Feature Codes

commdial The DX receives the comdiwl signal from the telephone company and forces the CO line on-hook to release the system resource for other uses. Refer to each feature description for specific operations. Feature Key Reset [feature]ti Input the current password and then press [show]. The display will read: Just install the DX Voice and when the power is turned back on, the DX system configures itself for the addition of the detected DX Voice system. Page All V.


The programmed timed switching of ringing modes is flexible and can be broken down into individual tenant groups. If one of the voice processing systems are installed, routing to the modem extension is automated.

Operation — Automatically Select an Outside Line 1. Transfer is used to deliver calls at your extension to another extension while maintaining the privacy of the connection.

Lamps for the same CO Line that you are using will light steady red at all other DX digital telephones. A headset connected to the headset jack can be operated as an integral component of the DX digital speakerphone. Transfer And Answer Call[feature]yi Or… 1.

When this feature is used, the specific ring type assigned to the CO Line is the comdiao type heard when that CO Line rings. Exit Flexible Feature Button Programming. If an adequate connection exists between the DX system and the PC you will see the following Connect prompt: When installed properly the Comdial DX is relatively maintenance-free. The manua, functions can be adjusted: That is, if an attempt to access the DX database via PC-DBA is unsuccessful because the entered password is incorrect, and this failure occurs three times… Pulse To Dtmf Conversion When the system is connected to Dial Pulse rotary outgoing outside lines, you may manually force the system to output DTMF tones for access to special services.


Comdial DX80 Feature Codes |

You may choose to first press an idle CO line or you may let the system automatically select the line. The time interval to be considered is from the time the trunk access code is dialed to the time that trunk dial tone is heard.

The display indicates feature operation status and provides for input based on feature use. Page 12 Operation — Establish an Unsupervised Conference 1. Press Confirmation tone will be heard, manusl the display will read Log On Again is set determine how long the DX system will wait before accepting a valid password for PC-DBA programming whenever the wrong password has been entered three times.

Comdial DX-80 Installation And Maintenance Manual

This information is typically used to apply UPS battery requirements. The optional Voice Processors that can be added to the DX are fixed system resources that do not require peripheral device ports analog or digital. The following function volumes can be adjusted: