Confessions of a Video Vixen has ratings and reviews. Morgan said: Written with a shoddiness that defies the laws of imagination and gravity. I. Book Review of Confessions of a Video Vixen: the Nonfiction, Paperback by Karrine Steffans (Amistad, Oct 17, ). Steffans not only offers scandalous details but names names in a book called ” Confessions of a Video Vixen,” scheduled to be in stores next.

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She sleeps with every man in the book, except her father, to wit: In this no holds barred memoir, Karrine Steffans shares with readers the intimate moments of her life.

There are familiar names to go with the sex. If you like soap operas and you like gossip then this is for you Oof also seems to sensualize some karrone her stories but then they just end abruptly yet she can tell you exact details of materialistic things like what suit a person wore or what kind of car a person drove plus the interior of the car. Next up, a Jackie Collins-inspired novel in which names are changed to protect the not-so-innocent. It’s free and yours to keep.

I think that some of the bad reviews given for this book were done so because of her actions described in the book, and not because of the actual book. Confessions of a Video Vixen. A Day Late and a Dollar Short.

This Family of Mine.

Widely known as “Superhead” no doubt because of her large craniumSteffans doesn’t hold back when it comes to dishing about her famous lovers. I never want to hear “the age old adage” ever again. Item s unavailable for purchase. I borrowed this book from a friend because I did not want to assist Karrine in her pursuit for riches from immoral acts.

All told, I found this tale rather sad, as it should be, but almost more because Her story might be more interesting if told by someone else. Feb 11, Rachel rated it it was ok Shelves: The actor, who was smoking two cigarettes, has a history of shedding his clothes in public places. Some of what Steffans relates is funny, like the night a substance-fueled entertainer supposedly told her he was a member of Al Qaeda, in regular touch with Osama bin Laden. If Karrine decided that she wanted to write a book as a cautionary tale to young women and girls, then she should do it selflessly, fully aware that she would not be placed on a pedestal for this act.


Her real name is Karen Stephens.

Confessions of a Video Vixen

She went from being a drug addict and a victim of abuse to a multi millionaire. A mother Steffans simply hated moved her to Florida and eventually forced her to relocate to Arizona to live with a father who had abandoned them years earlier. I knew then that this was not reality, that she was hopeless, that she could never make things right. A paparazzo hiding behind garbage bags outside claims that Sutherland was about to relieve himself on the trash – that is, until the lensman jumped up and started snapping.

Steffans doesn’t hold back when it comes to dishing about her famous lovers. Jun 11, Sarah rated it really liked it.

Confessions of a Video Vixen – Wikipedia

This book reads like it was written by an elementary school student who is writing a fanciful report. Karrine spends so much time glorifying the lifestyle as an excuse for her continuing to be in it, that she completely misses the point of why she even wrote it. It’s like she is a psychologist’s case study, but almost none of the analysis has been done for us.

Some might even be crazy enough to love him as an artist. And yet there is no chapter devoted to her rehabilitation from drugs, if indeed she is off them, and for all the praising of her son as her saviour, he only gets a few words here and there, as she constantly abandons him for months with babysitters and uses him as an excuse to prostitute herself when her showbiz pimps refuse to let her freeload.

Glass vases filled with marbles crashed all around us as he began tossing linens from the bed. By sharing her story, Steffans hopes to shed light on an otherwise romanticised industry and help young women avoid the same pitfalls she encountered.

But alas, we take the free sample and are forced to chew a full pack of gum to try to extract the gamey lingering aftertaste. But the question has cut two ways; it has been as much about Ms. Embarrissingly enough, I wanted some inside celeb juice.


We all were influenced by our childhood but when do we stop preaching that sob story and take responsibility for our conscious adult actions.

I’d never done anything to hurt them. She uses the passive voice way too often. Thomasthrough abuse, drugs, rape and living as a teenage runaway who turns to stripping and hip hop modeling to support herself and, later, her young ,arrine.

Views Read Edit View history. Part tell-all covering her sexual liaisons with music industry personalities and professional athletes, and part cautionary tale about the dangers of the otherwise romanticized hip-hop music industry, it caused considerable controversy in some circles.

I’m not confessiosn why people give this book such shitty reviews. Nope don’t recommend it.

She rose up through the ranks of video ho stardom shaking her ass for various important rappers and ball players, eventually finding herself in a tailspin of drug I’m not sure why people give this book such shitty reviews. She manages to suck the last vestige of meaning from the word “love” as she applies it incessantly to every celebrity she sexually encounters.

No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! Stein also claimed in her opening statement that Barbara had had a fling with Charles Shawcroft, a contractor she hired to renovate her husband’s boat, The Charlotte Lady. Steffans claims to have written this tale to warn other young girls against a similar fate. All the women they fuck, the bad shit they do, the partying that goes down, and the buckets of money they have pouring in and out.

ET June 26, The book was not a good read and she shouldve had someone else narrate it Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.