Cardew_Cornelius_Treatise_pdf (file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf). Expand view. File history. Click on a date/time to view. Treatise & Treatise Handbook, By Cornelius Cardew – Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Treatise & Treatise Handbook, By Cornelius. This new book contains the collected writings of Cornelius Cardew including The Treatise Handbook, The Tigers Mind score, Towards an Ethic.

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But before leaving the survey behind, I would like to turn briefly to its broader impact on the remix; after all, my source material was not merely grist for the mill. Here not all visual information in the score, apparently, is employed symbolically in hanbook.

As one can see in Treatise Handbookthe number of pages selected for any given performance, the durations of individual pages, and the duration of events assigned to particular symbols within each page are staggeringly diverse.

Dot events to be exclusively soft.

It’s abundantly clear that the musicians were grappling with cqrdew difficult here, and that they’d spent some considerable time preparing their performance. My solution was to zoom out, not focusing systematically on symbols and rules but rather on a story embedded in the progression of the notation from beginning to end.

Conversely, qualities irrelevant to Treatisesuch as recording artifacts or the simultaneous sounding of a particular instrument in different ensembles, tended to audibly link recordings much more clearly than interpretive content. Frankly, hearing myself carcew an empty page the heart of the treattise surprised me. There were conventional trends e.

VC work on their approach within the performance; it gives the music a tension and richness that eclipse the aesthetic surface. My page and interpretive approach were not selected until the end of the second day of the recording session, after the others had recorded theirs and the ensemble material was mostly finished. The instructions were a guide which focused each individual’s creative instinct on a problem to be solved – how to interpret a particular system of notation using one’s own musical background and attitudes.

They take a comparably literal cornekius, reading the page from left to right and translating the vertical dimension of the page registrally. Graphic Scores “Experimental music scores are enigmatic, opaque, demanding, irritating, humorous, childlike; the best, like Cardew’s Treatiseare also inspiring, giving rise, on occasion, to a music of cotnelius, intelligence and elegance.


These three levels of interpretation may, and often do, contradict each other. The format chosen for this comparison was a studio-assembled hqndbook containing multiple recordings of selected pages sounding simultaneously.

Or, if not absolutely ossified into the bony hardness of subphylum Vertebrata’s prime organizing architecture, perhaps Cardew’s Treatise is equipped with the mutable structuring agent of the phylum Chordata: It may refer to something quite outside the flow of music or sound.

You ask Keith Rowe.

Cornelius Cardew – Treatise Handbook

Absolutely essential for un derstanding Car dew’s thoughts and method. Indeed making A Cornleius Remix revealed far more about my own assumptions and methods than about Treatise per se. Orchestral Works mode Petr Kotik Profile. Hinrichsen Edition, Peters Edition Limited.

It would gratify me to sell the manuscript to some sleepy bourgeois at an inflated price and thus receive at least some compensation for that waste. That puts Beethoven and the rest in perspective! Because there were several recordings of these pages, three of which FORMANEX, WhoThroughThen, Cardew BBC were individually dense, I chose to leave time for different recordings to carrdew without overcrowding one another, using the graphical elements to suggest rough changes of overall density corneliys volume.

The sounds assigned to most symbols in the score — presumably also chosen by the players themselves — are less consistent and more context dependent, hsndbook from page to page. We had all worked together in some capacity beforehand, but never in this particular quartet constellation; thus, a certain balance of compatibility and hanfbook was promised, both internally and with respect to cardrw score.

Any Interpretative Approach Is Valid, but… Affirming the relativism of Treatise in this way implies that any interpretative approach, any path through the piece, is in itself valid. In the middle of one of the cluster bubbles sits a musical note, whose staff line extends diagonally to the center of the adjacent bubble, then curves upward and continues in a thicker pen-width as the lifeline.

What are the terms? The nature of these sections emerged quite late in the process of assembling A Treatise Remix ; rather than forming part of a centralized plan, the sections themselves were also a consequence of negotiating material, form, and performer choice — a long-term improvisation also implicit in the page selection. This would render the following sequence: Affirming the relativism of Treatise in this way implies that any interpretative approach, any path through the piece, is in itself valid.


Is improvisation always a factor in realizing Treatise with integrity? Recordings of Treatise For my analysis of various recordings of Treatise, see this post on my blog: Experimental Music Catalogue Like the differences in symbolicity I mentioned in the previous section, these disjunctions posed a challenge to the original plans for A Treatise Remix.

Within this thick texture, the live ensemble was indicated to play p. A brief comparison of recordings by VC and solo pianist James Ede suggests why. Musical references in the notation are emphasized to a grotesque degree, but many nonmusical idiosyncrasies are apparently ignored e.

Following my criterion to include only pages in which the line is compromised or transformed, circles play an important role, or both, Section II would have technically started at p. Art enters when the musician synthesizes the material. They also assign particular types of sounds hissing, phonemes, clapping, etc. Even veteran performers have expressed their doubts. This page graphic score, which occupied the composer for four years, and which performers are encouraged to interpret any way they feel appropriate though useful tips abound in the Treatise Handbook Cardew published in is rich, elusive and thought-provoking enough to keep you busy for a lifetime.

The temporal structure like Treatise itself was not simply an a priori container to be filled with inert material — it was a dynamic, ad hoc creature that both emerged from and transformed the process of mixing the collage and working with musicians.

Ede on the other hand seems to stop at first impressions.

Treatise Handbook

I, the director of the project, knew the piece well from the outside but had never played it. It contains no sounds, no directions to putative performers […] pages of lines and shapes, clustered around a strong, almost continuous central line, which can be imagined as the lifeline of the reader, his center, around which all manner of activity takes place […] Cardew For my analysis of various recordings of Treatise, see this post on my blog: Cornelius Cardew Treatise Mode The older I get the more inclined I am to think that life’s not about finding the right answers but asking the right questions.

There is a great difference between: