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Since in either of these two cases, the subjects sheep were not using any discretion about the situation or the action they were performing, we can conclude mazayib none is relatively wiser than the other.

When the same position of the heavens again recurs, The Almighty reproduces each from behind the mysterious veil. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Every star, according to them had a characteristic peculiar intellect and spirit.

In India, an annual festival called Chhat pooja is celebrated in his honor and there are temples dedicated to him like the Konark Surya devaalay.

He describes the disputations in Akbar ‘s Ibadat Khana in detail, as if he had been there:. Some believe the entire creation is a part of god. Its idol, temple or both are generally made of black stone to represent Saturn but it is believed that blue color pleases him.

Are they aware of why they are performing that particular ritual and what purpose it is supposed to serve? In this way, there are several descriptions of life, afterlife, next life and the judgment of merit and demerit.


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When the practice stops making sense or, when it is being harmful we clearly understand why following these guidelines is not recommended. It did not probe further and inquire why they were jumping and who started it. The immediate after effect resulting in fatalism.

Consider there was a sheep that did not like its precedents jumping mindlessly, and decided against it. The way to measure of many aspects of the universe is still unknown. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Most of them are centuries old, carried on from generation to generation. Parallelly and consequently spheres who identified this trend slammed these ideas with a rational approach. We still see the traditions of worshipping ancestors and fore- fathers in several Buddhist especially in the Tibetan Buddhist traditionsVedic and Mwzahib cultures.

Fatalists believed that everything is pre-ordained and controlled by god. Here, we see the author drawing similarities between the Vedantan and Arabic theories. In what ways are the two cases different? It is also a common practice to directly throw the dead bodies of some saints and sages tied to wooden planks into the river.

The development of Kirlian photography or electrography which claimed to capture the aura or energy field surrounding all living beings underwent huge criticism as it also captures energy emissions of non- sentient beings like coins, rocks etc. The history of mankind suggests that admiration is one of the root sources of religious feelings. They ascribe certain qualities to every planet and believe that these qualities have a significant impact on their lives.


If we think the thought process is independent of memory, which impacts the thinking patterns while undergoing new encounters, it would be a mistake. Some rationalists slam the attitude and approach with which people approach religion and the spheres related to religion like rituals. Some of them are handed down from generations.

It predicts the future of that school of thought. So it is still considered as a pseudo-science.

Dabistan-i mazahib

According to some belief systems, in addition to the actions that a being performs, sincere and constant worship of god and austerity can also lead to the acquirement of higher states, reducing sin or acquiring merit. There are several types of rituals carried out in different traditions.

How can certain generalized guiding rules which were laid at different time and space conditions, to probably simplify the dabistzn of what is right and what is not, still be employed for present situations?

But it slowly transformed itself into a way to mark and separate people into different classes, acting as a demarcation line.