The CVQ valve is operated by the EKC controller. Please notice that a power failure will cause the CVQ pilot valve to fully open ICS / PM. If it is required that. Type Code, EKC Weight, Kg. Approval, CE, C-TICK, EAC, LLC CDC TYSK. Data comm. options, LON RS EAN no. Freq. View and Download Danfoss EKC user manual online. Controller for regulation of media temperature. EKC Controller pdf manual download.

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This can be easily achieved with electronic suction throttle regulation or media temperature control. Operation The controller is operated using two push buttons. A valve that is almost closed creates a high outlet temperature. The lowest occurring ranfoss pressure will have a belonging t value which in turn indicates the value of the n02 setting. The “NTC” resistor sends the control confirmation of the degree of opening of the valve via the inner actuator temperature.

Once these processes have finished, the refrigeration process is restarted. For safety, a maximum defrost duration can also be set in the refrigeration controller, which ends the defrosting process in the case of a defective defrost sensor or a similar fault.


And on the other hand, you can see immediately which values the control takes for granted. S according to entered setpoint. The individual status codes have the following meanings: To print the manual completely, please, download it. The advantage of this is very gentle cooling of unpackaged goods, in which any unnecessary danfooss is avoided. In applications such as this, constant nozzle air temperature from evaporators is the key to success.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to fit an additional valve in the suction line since the “KVS” can also be used for this shut-off function. This is an advantage, particularly where the release of high pressure and, if necessary, liquid in the evaporator are concerned.


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It is always easy to readjust a system like this through the eliminated condensate quantity at the evaporator. However, applications in the dnfoss industry are also possible. Page dxnfoss When you change the setting to an other language you must activate o04 before “the new language” can be visible from the AKM program. Danfoss reserves the right to alter its products without notice.

Precise refrigeration and air conditioning is essential for many applications and demand is constantly increasing. Page 13 If the actual application has a requirement re- garding max. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

B – Product specifications

In simple terms, the purpose of the drip-off time is to drain off ice that has turned into water on the evaporator via the condensate drain. Home danfss Service and support Case studies Precise media temperature control. In the case of hot gas defrosting, the “KVS” valve closes during the defrosting procedure. This sensor measures the actual value of the outlet air temperature of the evaporator and feeds this back to the controller. Controller for operation of evaporator on water chiller 16 pages.

P control involves standard regulation according to the deviation example: Smart multipurpose refrigeration controller dznfoss 21x series 36 pages.

This heating closes and opens the valve. After defrosting, the “KVS” valve does not open abruptly – somewhat like a standard solenoid valve.

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It is therefore standard procedure for an experienced fitter to check the control sensor and, if necessary, the defrost sensor in electronic systems before the actual commissioning this is very danfows to do for standard resistance sensors using an Ohm measuring device.

A fast-reacting temperature sensor e. Controller for control of industrial evaporator 16 pages.

Here, the main valve with pilot is also fitted in the suction line. In the case of this setting, a very clear undershooting of the ejc temperature of the evaporator is to be expected to facilitate fast refrigeration and ensure the reference temperature is quickly achieved. However, in this case, more time must be planned for achieving the required reference value.


A system like this is suitable for ventilation and comfort air conditioning plants and conditioning cabinets, as well as for fruit and vegetable storage. Page 11 The lowest occurring suction pressure will danfss a belonging t value which in turn indicates the value of the n02 setting. Page 4 S according to entered setpoint.

The controller now compares its temperature set point with the actual value and decides whether the stepper motor valve should be opened further or closed. The last option is to completely eliminate outlet values below the reference value during the start-up phase. Page 7 In other words, you cannot see a status code, if there is an active alarm. The service menu of the electronic controller is of particular interest to the fitter upon commissioning or servicing of the plant.

Page 12 Cut out NTC resistor in actuator. This system does not inlude any inner control loop. Dxnfoss you change the setting to an other language you must activate o04 before “the new language” can be visible from the AKM program. In the case of PI regulation, the “reset time” I component can be changed individually, which simultaneously leads to the adaptation of the reaction speed of control. Suction line installation In the case of a media temperature control for refrigerating plants with a pipe size of up to 54 mm, an electrically controlled valve e.

Here it is important to eliminate even the smallest temperature changes so that the measuring results are not affected.