In a career spanning four decades, award-winning author Diana Wynne Jones ( ‒) wrote more than forty books of fantasy for young readers. Mr. Chesney operates Pilgrim Parties, a tour group that takes paying participants into an outer realm where the inhabitants play frightening and foreboding r. A description of tropes appearing in Dark Lord of Derkholm. A Young Adult fantasy novel by Diana Wynne Jones, set in the world described in her meta- .

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May 07, Jersy rated it liked it Shelves: Besides that, farms get trampled and homes have to be torn down to create the right atmosphere to make the entire set-up believable. Aug 03, Jessica rated it it was amazing.

Chesney’s Pilgrim Parties come on tour wanting to enjoy a classic fantasy adventure. Now it’s up to the Wizard Derk and his son Blade, this year’s Dark Lord and Wizard Guide, not to mention Blade’s griffin brothers and sisters, to save the world from Mr Chesney’s depredations.

What’s more, Kit’s family’s grief is so strong that I found my cynicism slipping – it’s hard to keep saying, “Well, I know he’s alive and will reappear later,” when his family is sure with good reason that he’s dead and they’re so sad!

Plot Edit Everyone in the world is suffering from the pilgrim tours except the innkeepers, priests, and thieves.

Dark Lord of Derkholm (Derkholm, #1) by Diana Wynne Jones

I didn’t like Derk and Mara’s fight and the fact that it was the result of a spell on the decision of the head musician doesn’t make it betterand that wasn’t adequately resolved. Chesney, owns dsrk business where he sends tourist groups into the fantasy world where the book takes place. Jul 23, Meck M rated loord really liked it Shelves: Derk, his ecclectic family of human and hybrid creatures, derkyolm all the other wizards of this magical world must think of ways to fulfill their obligations w Another fun book by talented fantasy writer Diana Wynne Jones.


The cast of characters she built were incredibly varied, and the vast majority of them were very likable and sympathetic. The party gets lost in wastelands, Blade and two tourists get separated from the group, and Shona leads the rest toward Derkholm. I still had some problems with this book: So real that cities were sacked down, people were killed, fields were destroyed.

Dark Lord of Derkholm

The crazy crusty magical old bat bespells Mara into leaving her husband, tries to kidnap Callette, and mercilessly dooms Derk to fail in every way.

A group of travellers get pulled from our world into a fantastical world full of magic. Derk, an lodr wizard, is called to be the Dark Lord and his son Blade one of his human children- some of them are griffins is assigned as a wizard guide.

In Dark Lord of Derkholm, Jones accomplishes the same for classic fantasy, particularly the subgenre of portal fantasy. Derk backed away from the roar with his hands over his ears, surrounded in wet brown smoke. They hold it together as well daek they can, but Querida keeps getting in the way. Because really, this book is often funny, wonderfully inventive, and features characters I came to care about a great deal.

or This story is for funsies. Works by Diana Wynne Jones. But after he saves the kids from evil soldiers gone amuck, he basically disappears for most of the narrative, only to return at the end. It originated as the British Empire was divesting colonies; she recalled in that it had “seemed like every month, we would hear that yet another small island or tiny country had been granted independence.

Mr Chesney may be backed by a very powerful demon, but the Oracles have spoken. It’s now December What are dragons coming to, letting humans make fools of them like this?

Dark Lord of Derkholm (Literature) – TV Tropes

There was no need for it but it still oc. She thinks she’s fat, and can hardly get off the ground to fly. The new additions felt pointless to me and one of them, Sukey, had me expecting the developement of a hate to love relationship, that thankfully never came to be. Chesney’s pocket escape and return to its mate, the one that Wizard Derk summoned.


In a meeting about the Pilgrim Parties, High Chancellor Querida takes a wizard, a high priest and a thief to see the Oracles, who determine that the next person the group sees will play the role of the Dark Lord, and dari second person will be the Wizard Guide that they need. And of course, the book is full of Diana Wynne Jones’ perfect word choices “a tuft of flame”neat xark and spells Friendly Cows!

The novel was based on Diana Wynne Jones’ Tough Guide to Fantasy Land — an encyclopedia-style collection of all the cliches of fantasy writing. On a third level, just because it’s set in a fantasy world and not the real world doesn’t stop in making an important point about the impact of tourism and the negative effects adapting to service a tourist industry focused derkhlm the “authentic” experience of a country can have on that country.

Almost as bad as when Blade asks the Horselady, “How much do they pay you for the horses? It was a bit pat and even a touch anti-climactic, but it was a big ‘ole HEA type fest which tugged the eerkholm heart strings.

There were some really good scenes and exciting parts, but they were so few and far between that by the time you got to one, you’d lost the last one amid the pages and pages it’s a long book of tedious planning an Wow. I guess they’re just too happy to be back together. Lately I’ve not been reading reviews or even blurbs before starting a book because I want to go into it with a xerkholm open mind. His wife, Mara, is a master at making mini universes, dekrholm his human daughter Shona is an aspiring bard and his son Blade is a wizard in his own right.