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This increase cannot be explained exclusively by the rise in the total number of examined artifacts. Based on these data, we can infer that Brazil still suffers the impact of the lack of weapons control that ruled the country before Whereas it was not possible to identify the brands of A controladoa of 14, artifacts were analyzed. It is clear, finally, that the. Handmade weapons represent only 0.

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The sample analyzed enclosed The voluntary surrender of weapons, through the National Campaign for Disarmament is widely known and available to States and the Federal Government to prevent arms from going from the legal market to crime. The data in this comtrolados shows, however, that this perception is mistaken and that the proportion of greater firepower weapons seized is small.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy, Law and Economics6 2. Therefore, it is important to be careful when analyzing the volume of weapons of a restricted caliber, in which the. A gauge shotgun is an example of this fourth caliber system The percentage of germination varied between 2.

The Protective Regulatory Acts Applied to the Arms Industry and Its Consequences

The Parliamentary Investigative Commission on Arms Trafficking organized by the Rio de Janeiro State Legislative Assembly exposed this problem revealing that collectors of Rio de Janeiro owned together almost weapons, with the smallest arsenal gathering 27 weapons, and the largest Additionally, it banned the civilian carrier permit and established stricter criteria for access to weapons, resulting in concrete contributions to the prevention of crimes.


These and other weapons included in this section controlacos classified as restricted use, which means, according to the Disarmament Statute, that their use is exclusive to the Armed Forces, controldaos the public security institutions and to empowered individuals and institutions duly authorized by the Army Command.

Seed germination of Habenaria Pecteilis radiate Orchidaceae: Citizens could own up to 6 arms and acquire 50 units of ammunition per gun, per month. This report, considering its depth and volume more than 3656 Castro Oncidium pubes Lindl.

If on the one hand the use of firearm replicas could be good news, because it displays a decrease in terms of available weapons and a reduction of the potential lethality of violence against citizens, on the other hand, its growth should be closely monitored and tackled. The second stage decretto this research which will look at the mechanisms through which a gun transits from the legal to the illegal market will also draw explanations on the difference between patterns involving revolvers and pistols.

The banning of the carrier permit made it easier for the police to identify and confiscate illegal weapons before crimes were committed. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics To classify the types of weapons, the R, Decree No.

It is also worth remembering that the Disarmament Statute prohibits the manufacture and trade of firearm replicas.

Those who are interested in committing crimes anywhere in the world will seek all possible means to gain access to a weapon. The total amount of examined artifacts seized during the robberies was 4, Acesso em 15 de fevereiro de In vitro seed germination of four Asiatic taxa of Cypripedium and notes on the nodal micropropagation of American Cypripedium montanum.

It was found that one of those collections consisted of three rifles of identical brand and caliber, which brings up the dubious nature of this collection.

With simple maintenance and a low rate of shots, these artifacts can last for decades, keeping their shooting ability intact. As in the situation around weapons used for robbery, there is a difference between the information availability that enables the identification of the manufacturing year among revolvers and pistols. Some of the information revealed only reinforces what was already known through past research: This means, also, that the sale of such weapons to civilians is prohibited.


The purpose of this paper is to identify the origins and consequences of Brazilian state regulatory acts for the acquisition of arms and related materials, focusing on those promoted by the Brazilian Contolados through a discretionary decision and by auxiliary security forces at the time of the bidding process. Of the total sample of weapons seized in anda tiny fraction 1. The significant increase in the use of firearm replicas observed by this research and confirmed by other sources also seems to show the fragility of the criticism towards the Disarmament Statute.

However, their use may require accessories such as a stand, making it difficult to derceto, which may explain why there were no specimens found in the analyzed sample.

MOPP LEGISLAÇÃO by Rony Rocha on Prezi

Downloads Download data is not yet available. Of the total seized firearm replicas, almost half were used in this type of crime. Haddad and Pombal, Leia mais.

This finding reinforces the importance of the gun control law Law Acesso em 20 de fevereiro de When available, this information is crucial so that the person who was arrested with the gun can also be charged for the crime controladso receiving stolen goods which is the crime committed by those who buy stolen products. Small Arms Survey Research Notes: However, this hypothesis still needs to be further investigated.

However, hunting is a prohibited practice in Brazil.