Skill Building Activity by pick up artist Derek Vitalio PUA of Seduction Science. Of course, Deep Inner Game is not a substitute for the other things I’ve talked. Derek Vitalio pua teaches seducing women through rituals of libertinage. In the meantime, you’ll absolutely want to get hold of my Deep Inner Game Program. Do you recommend any audio PUA material to really improve my game? Top Inner Game: Derek Vitalio – Deep Inner Game; Cory Skyy – Magnetic Mindset;.

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Also referred to related books and materials. You also want to pick the right Skill Building Activity for you.

What do you guys make of Derek Vitalio? Get Over Your Ex.

Papa is the Co-Founder and the bus Until next time, Derek Vitalio countComments ;? Jesse Charger Derek Vitalio Company: Women yearn for a place where they can break out of their shell, act differently, and play a fantasy role. When Sin asked him what his count was, Extramask scrat I am listing again the list of spell casters that I am certain are real.

Approaching women rewards with small payoffs, at other times setbacks, and once in a while big jackpots. After all, you went to all the trouble to get her into bed… why not transform every woman you sleep with into your fantasy?

How many times have you spotted a woman you wanted to approach, but she was flanked by her friends, and you just walked always because of lack of confidence.


Users of Derek Vitalio’s CD systems often report being blown away by his phenomenal training and coaching style. Console yourself with the thought that those who give in do so willingly and happily. Personally, one of my favorite activities is hitting the gym and doing weight training. This is quite evident when we reviewed the testimonials section on this website.

Derek Vitalio? | SoSuave Discussion Forum

Click here right now to find out more about Deep Inner Game. Rerek Vitalio is a dating guru based out of Miami, Florida. For instance, he gives users of his site free access to his articles on seduction and dating. This system helped him reclaim his masculinity, in order innner help him go from relationship failure to a relationship success. Derek Vitalio learned hypnosis from a female neuro linguistic programmer.

We will be giving a full review of this system too at a future date.

However, all his plans are thoroughly outlined on his website, which is well worth a look, if just for the free advice he gives out. You have lured her into a momentary world of pleasure, soft and accommodating, where all rules and taboos are thrown out the window. Most obviously, you get exercise.

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His Seduction Science site and CD system has taken countless men from ” AFC “, which stands for Average Frustrated Chump in seduction community slang, to an Alpha male-who has no trouble approaching women, and hooking up, because women find him compellingly attractive.

Ive had every same frustration, set-back, fear, and regret not so long ago. Men, who have used his CD’s report that after using this system they have significantly increased their confidence, as well as their ability to approach, seduce and date the women they want to. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.


I could hardly even meet a woman, and when I did I always ended up the night alone after spending a lot of money on a date that went nowhere. Libertinage too is highly structured around the hypnotic pace of ritual.

Derek Vitalio?

The Rituals of Libertinage are not egalitarian either. I’m NOT a big fan of his Interview series however or his sexual communication series. Attract Women Through Ho Finally should you sign up, there is a VIP lounge, which gives men a place to get support, share their success and get new techniques. He is also offering a free newsletter, imner which he gives men access to his latest seduction viyalio, news.

His signature book Seduction Science which is now in its 3rd edition. Turn Her On Through Text. The pleasure of the woman who surrenders is often greater than that of the practitioner. Many of us really struggle badly with women, in terms of approaching them, getting telephone numbers or dates, not to mention seducing women.

Is it easy to apply to your life? Is it a good deal? Most guys think of the seduction as when the woman is back at your place and you need to get her clothes off.