Set in post-apartheid South Africa, J. M. Coetzee’s searing novel tells the story of David Lurie, a twice divorced, year-old professor of communications and. Desgracia has ratings and reviews. J said: This book made me want to read Twilight. Yes, Twilight: perfectly perfect young people falling.

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She takes self-loathing to new and extreme levels, in my opinion. And Coetzee offers that to everyone in the book — and everyone reading it. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Coetzee with Candi, Lori and Brina.

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By deegracia the relegation of each group into positive and negative poles Coetzee portrays the whole range of human capabilities and emotions. His hubris is cold and unwavering. All of the above? I thought I was immune to it. All of his characters speak like a phlebotomy textbook, and they are all just an obvious soundboard for the author’s opinio ummm All of the above?

Does that make it right? Taking advantage of his position and blinded by his heated obsession, he recklessly pursues the young girl until she yields to his unrelenting demands.

Only through aging is desire possibly watered down. Er ergreift die Flucht und taucht bei seiner Tochter Lucy unter, die als Aussteigerin eine kleine Farm am Land bewirtschaftet. And the whole issue of race relations?

Lurie is self-delusional about many things, but, desgrcaia credit to Coetzee, he is still though only eventually sympathetic.

It is the role she has adopted for herself, the price she has decided she has to pay for being a white woman living in the South African countryside. Disgrace ‘s post-apartheid South Africa is, in certain ways, not so different from my adolescent welcome desgradia the actual world. Whether ’tis fair or just or correct is another matter entirely.


That of a man, a father, a daughter, a woman, desggacia unborn child.

Desgracia: J.M. Coetzee: : Books

The disgrace Lucy feels from the rape? I did not cry, but there were tears behind my eyes pricking through much of this read, and they were not tears for these characters as much as for humanity at large.

If you wish to redeem any of them, you would dsgracia deliver Lurie first and foremost. I say, if that is indeed the linguistic case This is all very quixotic, Professor Lurie, but can you afford it?

I have chosen to tackle a perspective that I think is very apparent in the novel, but is mostly overlooked by many of its readers. View all 43 comments. Jul 24, She-Who-Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: L’uomo e la Storia: Vale la pena sacrificarse por ese objetivo?

The power dynamic between them, the disparity of authority, is foregrounded. It cpetzee time and patience. Professor David Lurie is forced to resign when his affair with a student comes to light. His pleasure in living has been snuffed out. Get over yourself, already. It made me remember this quote from Stephen King that goes: Yeats poem, ” Sailing to Byzantium “. Yet the general state of all life, as a whole, is exposed. The novel is both merciless and compassionate not an easy combination to achieveand is also incisive in its p This short novel, written in spare, economical prose, tells the story of a not particularly likable middle-aged Capetown college instructor who falls into coehzee because of an affair with a student and is soon reduced to living with his daughter in the bush and working as a euthanizer at the local animal shelter.

We become powerless as we grow older, not only in the physical aspect, but also from a hopeful one. There were no distinctions in tone or vocabulary between the characters.


Desgracia by J.M. Coetzee (5 star ratings)

dewgracia I live in a neighborhood of Miami with a huge population of feral cats. David feels satisfied combining this quiet life of debauchery with his comfortable post as a teacher at Cape Town University, but when his old age starts pressing on him, casting a shadow to his virile charms, he seeks for rejuvenation in lusting over one of his young students.

Rather for him it is the process of aging, losing that magnetism that attracts others, even perhaps not leaving behind a legacy for which he can be proud. The protagonist, although dashingly well-rendered, is something of a literary construct, desracia this is searing realism at its worst, so no complaints from me.

It is the hardest thing to imagine in all the world. Libido is described in terms of complex proteins swirling in the blood, distending the sexual organs, making the palms sweat and voice thicken and the soul hurl its longings to the skies. I literally just finished this book a few minutes ago, so I have not by any means worked though all of my reactions to it yet.

Everyone is so cheerful and well-intentioned that after a while you itch to go off and do some raping and pillaging. But no one wants death as it is. And not a flattering one. A terrible attack occurs, fuelled by hatred. Or to kick a cat. Returning home to his house in Cape Town, David finds that his house has been broken into during his long absence. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

It is more about the disgrace of rape. Not higher, necessarily, but different.