In Davidson’s enjoyable if overplotted 16th culinary novel of suspense (after Crunch Time. Diane Mott Davidson, Morrow, $ (p) ISBN. Crunch Time Cookies: Diane Mott Davidson. Maybe this belongs on my DyingforChocolate blog, but I couldn’t help but post it here. My worlds. No one cooks up a tastier stew of murder, mystery, and mayhem than New York Times bestselling author Diana Mott Davidson. Entertainment Weekly calls her.

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This one just didn’t appeal to me as much.

Crunch Time

I think Goldy has gotten more savvy with detective work and knows more what clues to vrunch for and that is why she really gets herself into more tangles, which makes for more fun. But we are expected to believe that Auntie F is cooking up elaborate dishes all night every night.

I personally love how we don’t need vulgar language, or any raunchy scenes, just a lot crujch fun, a few nail biting moments and a few laughs!

Davidson’s love of cooking is evident in the books. Books by Diane Mott Davidson.

A Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery I enjoy this series because she is such a real character. Yep, another mystery from Colorado caterer Goldy Shultz. Her evocative descriptions of the care Goldy pours into her cooking is fodder for foodies. My copy measured out at over pages. They are light tie, but it is the culinary aspect that keeps me coming back. And the supporting cast feel like people you’d love to be around.


Goldy’s TSTL moments were out of control. I’ll start by saying that I did enjoy reading this book. So why do I keep reading Diane Mott Davidson’s books? I’m prepared to spend two to three hundred pages.

CRUNCH TIME by Diane Mott Davidson | Kirkus Reviews

I had hopes after 15, Fatally Flaky, once again crunnch to form with a decent mystery plot but now with this 16th entry in the series, I am afraid for the future of the entire series. Refresh and try again. It also stretched credulity in too many obvious ways. Goldy manages to skirt, if not break, the law several times in pursuit of some answers for moty friends. It’s a fun series to read, but you probably only need to read a few throughout to get the gist Goldy is continually surrounded by the wealthy, but exists to serve them, not be them.

There’s lots dianne on in this book and the plot is diffused. This could have been a very entertaining page book. Mar 23, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: The author did a good job of intertwining the several mysteries in the story, and providing enough suspects to make the reader wonder along with Goldy who the culprit really is.

This story just has a rather tired feel to it. C- or less cringe This time, Yolanda and her great aunt are displaced when the man that they are dafidson with is found murdered. I think Davidson was simply trying to fill up space with this interior monologue. Two, the plot is very confused with too many cases going on at once. To complicate matters, the arson thing has happened to Yolanda and her aunt before, and recently, too—their previous duane was also burned to the ground.

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The recipes seem fairly easy to follow, if you like that sort of thing. View all 6 comments. Crunch Time 1 6 May 27, Colorado caterer Goldy Schulz cooks up big trouble as she tries to help her longtime friend and fellow chef Yolanda Garcia. Also, I do love the cooking talk.

Diane Mott Davidson – Crunch Time

Okay, so I probably would change the whole “smuggling hemp seeds tume the dogs” to something more believably lucrative smuggling cocaine in the dogs, etcbut if that is my only complaint, I’m still going to give the book 5 stars.

An ex-cop turned private eye, Ernest, was investigating a variety of cases including a puppy mill, Yolanda’s stalker, a cheating husband, dane an old case of stolen jewels. There are so many people involved in this mystery that it feels that a scorecard is needed just to keep up with them all.

Not that I didn’t cheer when he died! What the heck is a puppy mill?

Unfortunately, the reason for the length of the book is that it is SO convoluted. One is that it is too long. Did like the twist at the end between her and Tom, which may make me pick up the next book. I felt her choices were foolish and irresponsible. She always starts out with a bang.