Digitech DSP Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech DSP Owner’s Manual. Digitech DSP Plus, Music Technology, May The manual claims the abbreviations are printed on the top of the unit – but they weren’t on the review. Digitech DSP Plus, Sound On Sound, Apr There’s no indication in the DSP Plus manual of just how the signal is routed from one effects section .

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The operating procedures, however, were basically correct.

Any of 14 algorithms see ‘Effect Algorithms’ box can be chosen as the basis for an effects program, and each of the algorithms specifies which of the effects sections are utilised, exactly what type of effect is produced by each, and how audio signals are routed between them. That and the delay section in multi-effects configurations – both with normal and multitap delays – are the strongest of the DSP Plus’s effects capabilities, and manjal these specific areas give the unit a distinct edge over its direct rivals.

Medium room, Delay, Chorus, Filter 4. In general, digutech, such an effect would not be applied to any sound in a context where the manusl would show up much. Previous Article in this issue Source Of Inspiration.

DIGITECH DSP-128 Manuals

They are an assorted bunch, although many are simply variations digltech a theme and I don’t think they show off the unit to the best of its ability; odd, but then some synths come with poor factory presets. The optional footswitches can initiate program shift, bypass and delay hold functions. Filter, Chorus, Multi-tap Delay 8. You can’t save or load just one program, manyal, so if you wanted to combine programs from two separate banks you’ll have to note the values of the parameters of one set and enter them manually, but that shouldn’t take long.

You mankal dump the programs to a MIDI storage device many sequencers can now handle this so if you create more than programs you can save them to make room for some more.

The manual supplied with the review unit was a temporary manual. The display will also show changes made to a a parameter’s values from a MIDI controller – a useful function.

The next two algorithms offer stereo multi-tap delay combined with EQ and either chorus or flange, and the rest offer such delights as reverse and gated reverb, parametric and graphic EQ, and the immodestly titled Ultimate Reverb. Download digitech dsp manual – 0 views digitech dsp manual started by Jenny Rodriguez on 06 Oct Small room, Delay, Flange, Filter 7. With the delay feedback parameter, infinite hold is enabled when the parameter is raised to its maximum value by a remote controller.


Even the algorithm section was not completely correct, although the meaning of the parameters could be gleaned from the algorithm list. A good trick is to set the initial delay times for the three stereo positions to almost – but not quite – the same value. Other possibilities include more obviously panned repeats, or programs with echoes ricocheting back and forth in the stereo picture. The first six algorithms are the only ones that use all four effects sections, providing various combinations of EQ and mono delay up to milliseconds with chorus or flange, and small, medium or large room reverb treatments.

Having been suitably impressed by the multi-tap delay functions, the next thing to grab me about the DSP Plus was its Ultimate Reverb algorithm. The standards by which we judge the worth of new technology change at an alarming rate: Whereas the Normalised Reflectivity parameter controls the reflectivity of all frequencies equally, dP damping allows the relative decay rates of high and low frequency components to be balanced – the simulated environment can therefore be made to sound more or less bright.

In a live situation, it’s possible that the DSP would hang up. The programs are displayed as numbers, not names, and the parameters are shown as cryptic two-letter combinations. The manual claims the abbreviations are printed on the top of the unit – but they weren’t on the review model. As the range of effects is dependant entirely upon the algorithms, I’ll list them here: The three reverb programs – small, medium and large rooms – offer maximum reverb decay times of 1.

Overall, the reverb did seem to be slightly ‘dirtier’ sounding than that available in the first six algorithms, though I suspect that’s partly because there’s an awful lot more of it.

Download digitech dsp manual | Diigo Groups

Running through the factory programs, the unit sounds very good, though there’s not actually a huge variety of effects on offer – my initial impressions were of an inordinate number of variations on fairly straightforward reverb and delay combinations. Previous article in this issue: Further left along the panel is a four by three grid which shows the range of effects allowed by the current algorithm coming up.


For fattening sounds, add some reverb and a little delay. I then allocated these controllers to reverb and delay levels, and delay and flange feedback parameters, giving myself real-time remote control over these effects parameters from my master keyboard.

This modeling guitar effects processor has 11 amp models, 22 studio quality effects, an digitech dsp manual expression pedal for real time control of the effects. On the other hand, it sacrifices a little of the breadth of effects offered by other units: You may need to exercise a some caution here, as running through a range of values on 1228 fly can produce glitching, but this is not unique to the DSP. Since then, musicians have realised that being able to apply 1228 and delay and EQ -and something else – to a sound is a good thing.

These include Decay Time the amount of time it takes for the reverb to disappearPre-Delay Time the length of time dap the original sound and the beginning of the reverbReverb Level intensityEarly Reflection Diffusion controls the amount of diffusion of the early reflectionsEarly Reflection Delay the amount of Pre-Delay for the early reflections and Envelopment determines the width of the stereo image.

Next door to the display are four cursor keys which difitech used to access the programs and change the parameters.

If that was the greatest noise source in my setup, I’d be a very happy man.

DIGITECH DSP-128 Owner’s Manual

Musical equipment I currently have for sale is listed on this page. With all digitecn abbreviations floating around it’s quite easy to alter a parameter and move on without intending to or perhaps I’m just clumsy.

Music Equipment Manuals and Documentation. Large room, Delay, Chorus, Filter 2. The gated and reverse reverb effects provided manul two dedicated algorithms are both good, and allow for considerable control to be exercised over effects that can all too easily sound a little cliched. Other, perhaps, than the lack of a MIDI program reference table, the pros and cons balance each other reasonably well.

I suspect the casing was manufactured before the list of parameters had been finalised – but then digltech if you wanted to place the unit directly below another in a rack?