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Analysis techniques for system reliability – Procedure for failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) (IEC ); German version EN. IEC Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA and FMECA) IEC 3rd Edition, August Complete Document. Failure modes and effects . Analysis techniques for system reliability – Procedure for failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) (IEC ); German version EN

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Since all of the gearboxes are identical and the loads are distributed symmetrically, only 68012 of them is analysed. The gear loads can be calculated using a torque plan, which includes the gear ratios in all gear stages.


Offshore winch For offshore cranes, a high reliability is important due to the remote locations in which they are operated. Threads, mainly for plastic containers – Part 2: Many systems already have some sensors that provide measurements of some system states. Terms and Conditions Terms of subscription Online watch. Sciences humaines et sociales, lettres.

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To create a typical load cycle for the AHC mode, all influences on the winch loads have to be identified.

Their elements are represented by a Di notation extended with stereotypes. The load information for the investigated components is categorized using time at level counting which results in load spectra serving as an input for the lifetime calculations.

From the total required torque, the load on djn components can be calculated. As an alternative to measurements, simulations can be performed to determine the component loads.

When operating in AHC mode, the drum and the shafts in the drivetrain do not always perform full revolutions so that a modified counting method is 60182. The bearing loads result from the gear forces and the weight of the shafts. This is especially challenging during the concept phase, when no measurements can be performed. Since drivetrains usually contain similar components, this only has to be done if components are being used, which are not categorized yet.


The loads can be determined either through measurements, through simulation or through a combination of both methods. This way one can see at a glance which sections of the checklist still need to be edited.

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Exemplary ABC analysis of mechanical drivetrain components [ 78 ]. A basic method is the torque plan, which can be used to determine torques and speeds for gearboxes without considering dynamic loads [ 31 ].

Screw neck glass container finish, pharmacy type. For the environmental influences 608122 this example, a static oil temperature is assumed. From this movement, the required acceleration of the winch can be calculated. The presented calculation, which yields the transmission lifetime, is repeated for two additional driving cycles, which are basically equal to the initial driving cycle, except the sections in which the dumper drives straight ahead are shortened, so that the total cycle only takes half the time variant 1: Every Client using version 4.

That means that future changes in checklists dn fully supported.

Since none of the components are designed redundantly, the reliability structure is serial. With the categorized loads, the lifetime of the gears and bearings can be calculated and then used to create a failure probability idn.

DIN EN 60812:2015-08

For each task, a representative process pattern has to be defined. In the offshore setting, spare parts and repair equipment are not easily accessible. These can be used to improve the quality of simulations by using the available measured data as an input or reference for the validation.


This work describes a method to assess the reliability of mobile machinery drivetrains quantitatively, on both a component and a system level. Instead, a 60182 knowledge of the systems reliability should be created, which can minimize the total cost of ownership and allow for more robust planning.

Road vehicles — Functional safety — Part In addition to that, methods for lifetime calculation of these elements are available which provide reliable lifetime predictions. Reliability Evaluation of Drivetrains: Road vehicles djn Our offices will be closed from December 24, to January 2, inclusive.

Hazard analysis Search for additional papers on this topic. Threads, mainly for plastic containers – Part 1: These are present by default for all active users but they can get dispossess afterwards: The transmission is able to switch between its three forward and three reverse speeds without tractive power interruption with friction clutches.

For the long driving cycle, the inverse effect can be observed. The same machine can experience vastly different loads when used at different worksites.

The probability of failure for combined groups of components as well as for the entire transmission is plotted on the ordinate.