“It is good to have this fascinating little chronicle, which gives a lively firsthand account of Florentine history in the lifetime of Dante and Giotto, in a readable and . Dino Campagni’s classic chronicle gives a detailed account of a crucial period in the history of Florence, beginning about and ending in the first decade of. 2. CHRONICLE OF DINO COMPAGNI from God, who rules and governs throughout all ages. i. I.e. the division of the Guelf party in Florence into the Whites and.

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They came to Florence to complain of their adversaries: And in like manner they said of the lawyers: The pursuit was apparently left to the mercenaries and irregular troops.

Dino Compagni’s Chronicle of Florence

I therefore counsel you to stand firm and to leave the attack dlorence them. This reminded me of the privilege I had of reading these texts in my first graduate school history course, something I kind of take for granted.

After the said victory, however, all the Guelfs did not return to Arezzo ; but some ventured to do so, and they were told that if they wished to remain there, they might do as they pleased. Vieri de’ Cerchi, with one of his sons, a knight, at his side, acquitted himself right well.

Dino Compagni’s chronicle of Florence | Sharon Strocchia –

The Magistrates wished to sen- tence them ; and if they had not obeyed, but had taken up arms, they would that day have con- quered the city, since the Lucchese, with the privity of the Cardinal, were coming to their aid with a great army of men.

These words are very significant, as they show that the Tosinghi, a family of Magnates, had come to an under- standing with one of the most influential popolani.


But the Priors who were foorence office at the time — from the 15th of April to the 15th of June, — were at great variance with one another.

Daniel Ethan Bornstein translator. Andrea’s office was at an end 1the White party elected M. His connivance with the Florentine Magnates and the Imperial emissary on this occasion was in accordance with the general line of Papal policy indicated above I.

By ” the larger party ” is meant the party of the Cerchi. Beginning with the entry of Charles of Valois into Italy, Compagni details the increasingly factionalized and violent climate, the ineffective response of the priors that led to their expulsion, and the emergence of the Black Guelphs as leaders of Florence after Oderigo, heard this, they said or wished Buondelmonte to be killed, “for” said they “the hatred caused by his being killed will be no greater than that caused by his being wounded; a thing done cannot be undone” 4.

The Ghibellines, in like manner, loved them chronlcle their kindness and because they got favours from them, and were not wronged by them ; the smaller traders and the populace loved them because the conspiracy against Giano had displeased them 7. Unlike Giovanni Villani, Compagni does not interest himself in the profusion ofdaily activities.

Their answer was that nothing further would come of that assembly, and [[they begged] that certain soldiers, who had come at their request, should be allowed to leave without being molested. Chronjcle Podesta fled into a neighbouring house ; his household were seized, the records were torn in pieces, and any evil-disposed person who was being sued in court went to destroy the papers relating to his case.

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Dino Compagni – Wikipedia

This happened after the capture of Pistoja in an indirect consequence of Charles’s comingwhen many towers and palaces in Pistoja were laid low [cf. The accession of Conrad III. The Cerchi, kinsmen of M. Compagni concludes his passionate tale with the leaders of the Blacks vanquished by divine punishment. The “unlawful gains” here spoken of correspond to the ” sudden gains” reprobated by Dante, Inferno, xvi. Dino Compagni was perfectly placed to observe the political turmoil.

It bears the stamp of a strong subjectivity. The jesters or buffoons, who frequented the houses chrknicle the rich, earning a dinner by their wits, were commpagni prominent feature of Florentine society see Boccaccio, Decameron ix. A successful merchant, a prominent member of the silk guild, an active member of the government. Compagni judges passionately and harshly.

So a note was made of this. Gherardini’s term of office began in May The citizens began to accuse one another 2and to condemn and to banish some, insomuch that Giano’s friends were terrified and remained in subjection.

He made himself so hated that the citizens could not endure him, and caused him and two of his attendants to be seized and tortured with the rope ; and by his confession compafni learnt things, in consequence of which much in- famy and danger accrued to many citizens. Corso, and Bardellino de’ Bardi, and Piero Spini, and other of their companions and followers, who made an armed attack on the company of the Cerchi.