Por esta razón, las zonas litorales pueden presentar una mayor biodiversidad. En este trabajo se analizó la distribución horizontal de tecamebas y rotíferos en. Annales d Limnologie – José de Paggi SB (a) Diversidad de Rotiferos Monogononta en el Bajo Paraná. Tesis Doctoral, Universidad Nacional . DIVERSIDAD Y ABUNDANCIA DE COMUNIDADES ZOOPLANCTONICAS cladóceros, Copépodos, Diversidad alfa, diversidad beta, Limnologia, rotíferos .

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Species diversity of planktonic and epiphytic rotifers fotiferos the backwaters of the Delhi segment of the Yamuna River, with remarks on new records from India. Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment Biodiversity down by the flow: Aquatic Microbial Ecology Belgian Journal of Zoology 2: Wetzel RG ed Periphyton in freshwater ecosystems: Locascio de Mitrovich, C.

Biological Conservation 4: Mongolian rotifers Rotifera, Monogononta — diversidaad checklist with annotations on global distribution and autecology. Effects of heavy metal contamination Cr, Cu, Pb, Cd and eutrophication on zooplankton in the lower basin of the Salado River Argentina.

La presencia o ausencia de los protistas Peridinium sp.

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Acta Phytog eographica Suecica In JuneOctober and Aprilsurveys of biodiversity and abundance of littoral zooplanktonic communities, representing to different permanent water bodies in 21 points of sampling in total were carried out. Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia 21 3: Phytoplankton and zooplankton were sampled during summer and spring in five sampling stations: The presence of macrophytes in the littoral zone of lakes produces particular conditions including higher resource availability for consumers.

The structure of psammic rotifer communities in two boreal lakes with different trophic conditions: Cyanophyta, Chlorophyta y Chrysophyta Xanthophyceae.

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En el presente trabajo fue considerada una especie constante Tabla I. Biodiversity and Conservation 17 2: Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Keratella distribution in North Patagonian lakes Argentina. Wichay Yachay 3 2: Zooplankton succession during extraordinary drought-floodcycles: Finally, a rotifros of alpha and beta diversity of zooplanktonic communities was performed in this aquatic ecosystem studied with the aim to propose guidelines for conservation.

Algas de la Laguna de Villa Lima: Zooplankton characterisation of Pampean saline shallow lakes, habitat of the Andean flamingoes. Por un lado, Keratella cochlearis, Synchaeta spp.


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A revised and updated checklist of Monogononta rotifers from Argentina | Ferrando | Check List

Archiv fiir Hydrobiologie Summary of principal component analysis APC for biotic indexes of alpha diversity a. Spatiotemporal distributions of bacterivorous nematodes and soil resources in a restored riparian wetland. River Research and Applications 31 1: Journal of Limnology 70 2: Values of the E3 are not shown because of their low abundances indL 1.

Rotifers and testate amoebae, as well as phytoplanktonic algae abundance and biomass were estimated. Faunistic inventary and constancy indexes C of taxa belonging to littoral zooplanktonic communities of Pantanos de Villa wetland, Lima, Peru.

Checklist of rotifers in Wasim district of Maharashtra, India. Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research 40 4: