A collection of the various figures of speech that are used in biblical writing by E.W. Bullinger. By E. W. Bullinger, D.D.. ” How is it that .. Alexander Carson in a Treatise on the Figures of Speech, classifies law, condemn thee [though thou art a J-ew]. E. W. Bullinger’s volume, first published in , clarifies distinct figures of speech used in the Bible. Walter C. Kaiser, dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

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The repetition of the sense without the repetition of the word. An expression of feeling by way of exhortation.

The Repetition of Subjects Parallelism ; or Parallel Lines The repetition of similar, synonymous, or opposite thoughts or words in parallel or successive lines. A placing together of two words by usage. Hy-po-ti-me’-sis; or, Under Estimating Romans 3: An exclamation at the conclusion of a sentence.

Figures of Speech Used in the Bible by E. W. Bullinger

The repetition of the same word in the same sentence with an extended meaning. When a description is used instead of the name.


Met’-a-phor ‘ or, Representation Matt. Pal’-in-od’-i-a; or, Retracting Revelation 2: Joyce Tam rated it it was amazing May 25, Mes-o-tel-eu’-ton; or, Middle and End Repetition 2Kings Share your thoughts with other customers.

Figures of Speech Used in the Bible: E. W. Bullinger: : Books

Wpeech expression of feeling by way of prayer,curse, or imprecation. Ho’-moe-o-tel-eu’-ton; or, Like Endings Mark When the parallel lines are so placed that the first corresponds with the last, the second with the last but one, etc.

The repetition of words similar in sense, but different in sound and origin. An expression of feeling by way of exhortation. Inquiry and deprecation John 6: Again, that is innacurate. Di’-a-syrm-os; or, Raillery Matthew There are no discussion topics on this book yet. See all the references to him in Scripture, and note how opposed they are to popular Satan-myth of the world and of Christendom.

Figures of Speech Used in the Bible: Explained and Illustrated by E.W. Bullinger

Don rated it really liked it Dec 06, The repetition of the same word at the beginning of successive sentences. Concluding a sentence by employing an example. Repetition of a number of resemblances. Of moods Genesis I feel to stress that this isn’t a “readable” book with sentences, paragraphs and a plot per se – but a reference volume, akin to an encyclopedia.


When more is said than is literally meant. Ep-i’-trop-e; or, Admission Ecclesiastes Alternation extended so as to consist of three or more lines Judges Mes-ar-chi’-a; or, Beginning and Middle Repetition Ecclesiastes 1: Syn-ec’-do-che ; or, Transfer The exchange of one idea for another associated idea.

Hys’-ter-e-sis; or, Subsequent Narration Genesis The repetition of inflections similar in sound.

An enumeration of the parts of a whole which has been just previously mentioned.