He will find allies in the city’s last survivors, and a nemesis in a man who wants to harness the force driving the zombies-a man who seeks to build an empire of. A zombie series by author David Dunwoody. DD: Your novel MERCY was an incredibly emotional and visceral tale. What’s the backstory? TFD: I thank you for . EMPIRE: A ZOMBIE NOVEL. Written by David Dunwoody Published by Permuted Press Publication Date: Format: B&W – pages.

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Book Review: Empire – A Zombie Novel – Author David Dunwoody | HNN

It’s quite a cliche. Liked everything about it.

The best parts were of course when Death showed up, but it wasn’t often. Lists with This Book. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Richard rated it it was amazing Jan 17, The tragedy of this book is that there is a good story in the text dying no pun intended to get out. Want to Read saving…. Empire David Dunwoody No preview available – Also, I felt he was overly handicapped with his abilities, probably in an attempt to keep him from being a superhero, but I always cheered when he showed up.

I think it had to do with the manner in which it was written.

Each chapter was detailed and written well. Return to Book Page. I knew the plots would intersect, but that didn’t happen til late in the story and the too many stories and waaaaay too many characters didn’t keep my attention. Chris Middendorf rated it liked it Nov 30, This supposedly takes place about years after the zombie apocalypse but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. The year isand America zombiee changed drastically in the years since the zombie outbreak began.

I love that the survivors didn’t all survive. I will admit, when I first started reading the book I couldn’t get into it.

Empire: A Zombie Novel

All in all, Empire is a great read and quite an impressive entry in the zombie genre. Oct 19, Julia rated it did not like it Shelves: The subplots about the fanatical soldier group zkmbie serial rapist also seemed irrelevant and unnecessary.


Johnathon rated it it was amazing Nov 08, This surprised me a bit considering he prominently features on the covers of both versions.

I love zombie fiction and speed read through several books in the genre back to back some years ago. It really could be described as a cross with ‘Scream’ and something else ‘Mission to Mars’, where zero-gravity maneuvers require heroic-self-sacrifice of fuelparticularly to the extent you want to scream at how stupid the characters are, let alone how zombies are curiously missing, then someone empiree their head out a window and gets In Empire’s End, the zlmbie to David Dunwoody’s Empire Zombie Novelswe get another look at America circaafter more than a century of a devastating plague of the undead has pushed civilization behind fortified walls.

Nov 27, Justin rated it liked it. Most fearsome of all is the “King of the Dead. Additionally, these zombies aren’t the usual shambling flesh hungry ghouls although, empirre are plenty of them here but these zombies can regenerate through the consumption of flesh and retain some higher functions, minimal levels of speech, can carry zombbie basic tasks, respond to commands These zombies are a bit different than what we have seen in other works though: There were some scenes that made me cringe at the phrasing in them, and some scenes that needed to be elaborated more.

Empire’s End

A deadly virus that spreads like wild fire toppling great cities like New York in its path, as the walking dead begin to out number the living. A deadly virus that can turn a normal warm blooded human into a rotting walking zombie interested only in its next meal. It spent more time with Death a. For as long as humans have been living we have been dying. Extremely helpful info specially the closing part: There are the undead or afterdead as described in the letter that were raised by the military for study, by chaining corpses in the swamp till they rose.

Just to see how the story turns out. These zombies are tougher–some are faster, stronger, and continue to regain near living physical capabilities as they feed on the living. Jessica rated it really liked it Sep 21, The undead, born of The outbreak began in You have performed a formidable task and our whole group will likely be grateful to you. I don’t necessarily need someone to root for in the books I read, but when the only two decent human characters are a child who is the epitome of naive and serves no real purpose but to move the plot along and a reverend who has mostly lost her faith This may sound a little bizarre and to be honest, I was a little wary, thinking dynwoody book might go all Old Empirw on me; nove, like I said about the regenerating zombies, just go with it and enjoy Dunwoody’s well structured tale for its entertainment value which will keep you amused and turning pages.


EMPIRE – a zombie saga by David Dunwoody

I like it and I’m adding it to my collection. Dec 21, Erin rated it really liked dunwodoy Shelves: If you want to read a good zombie story with an interesting concept, I would recommend the Ex-Heroes series over this. I just couldn’t really get into it. The tale of the Grim Reaper’s trek across the badlands to find the girl from Empire should have been enough to make this book work, especially with the demonic zombie dogging his steps.

Military forces and aid have been withdrawn from the last coastal cities, leaving those who choose to stay in the “badlands” defenseless against hordes of zombified humans and animals But while the undead are indeed not inside the walls, a group of traveling performers that have embraced the idea of an existence after life that is far more intoxicating, are building an army of the undead whose intent is to come north for a great feast of those rmpire behind those walls.

Xunwoody as you ca 4.