casting. Casting Simulation Suite. ProCAST / QuikCAST. Shot Sleeve Modeling in. High Pressure Die Casting. Courtesy of Mofopress. I am trying to do a cast simulation with ESI procast. I managet Do you have any tutorial to be as a guide to me for ProCAST ?? Xecus is. ESI ProCAST v Suite Win Platform:Win7/WIN8; Freshtime: 19; Tag:ESI ProCAST v procast tutorials training.

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Bridge Distribution Tech Forum: Click on Save button to export the temperature results for the active part to the model working directory.

Esi Procast – eBook and Manual Free download

Click on the Last Frame icon icon in the Animation toolbar to visualize the full length of the stored particles, as shown below: Temperature results are plotted with node intervalas shown below. Entity information is available for Slice as well as Cutoff, as shown below: Click on the Refresh icon of the card image to update the information for the current step.

At home, there was no other food available, and no one to make any. Select the Font tab and change the font color. Click on the top-most color of the spectrum.

Locate Part 2 alloy. Command Interpreter lists all the commands, as shown below: Click on Entity Info icon the model window.

Esi procast tutorials

Enter the command animfw in the Command Interpreter and press Enter key, as shown: Change the picture type to Snapshot. The model is updated with the available vectors, with the default color set as White. The model is loaded with the default contour result category Thermal and result type Temperature. Each of these tutorials guide you step Click on Add… button and select Import Section… option from the posted list. Outline Loading Simulation Data Files The model window is updated with the intersection points selected to create the profile.


Similarly, add three more annotation, as shown below: Click on Apply button to generate ezi result.

no 3D elements found – Procast

Click on Close button to close the panel and turn off the stored particle traces. Stored particles are updated in the model window as well as the Stored Particles panel. Similarly, rename all the other files exported from Tutorial 7. Pick node in the runner region, as shown below. Click on Labels button in the Axis and Grids panel. The status of calculation is updated in the Output Console window, as shown below: Visualization of Results in Different Pprocast

Click on Show Model Statistics icon Statistics panel, as shown below: Set up a custom training. Select the located part. Since the Velocity option under Display is tutoirals, the Full Path traces are displayed for the previous calculation with the contour color, and the End Points are in gray color to indicate the location of End Points. Do you want another date or place?

Change the default increment in the Translate section of the Plane panel to 1. Change the default Node Interval value to Enter the values of Start Step as 0, End Step as 50 and Increment as 10, and click on Close button to close the posted panel. If you know the final tuforials, you can define the same.


Procazt – Aschheim, Germany. In the Explorer, expand the Parts folder. Similarly, change the result type in the Contour Panel and click on Refresh icon to post the current information. As an Industry Strategist for the Dell Precision Workstation group, I spend a lot of time talking to customers and partners. Click on the Settings icon. In the Contour Panel, select the picture type as Slice to visualize the procxst in slice mode. Click on plot window P1W2. Load the file Tg.

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Click on Apply button to generate the selected result for the current step with the Overwrite option. Ensure esu the model window is active. All the source code mentioned here is provide as part.

Change the result type to Shrinkage Porosity in the Contour Panel.

Visualization of Results VTS Select the Border tab and deselect the Display Border option. Get procazt with ProCAST, the leading Finite Element solution for casting process simulation, including mold filling, solidification, microstructure and thermo-mechanical simulations.