orbita, globo ocular, la conjuntiva capsula de tenon paredes orbitarias: superior ( techo): formada por el hueso frontal en su profundidad el ala menos del. Non-contrast CT is useful in the initial evaluation of orbital and globe trauma for the assessment of fractures, extra-ocular muscle herniation and. Aug 30, · “El torero Juan José Padilla sufre estallamiento de glóbulo ocular por cornada” EfektoTV Deportes: – Duration: Efekto Televisión 1,,

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corrida toreador

Inflammation of the uveal tract commonly involves the adjacent retina and sclera Fig. Endophthalmitis Endophthalmitis represents inflammation or infection involving the anterior chamber and vitreous humour. Bilateral bands of hyperdensity that do not conform to insertions of extra-ocular muscles, are consistent with prior bilateral scleral bands for treatment of retinal detachment. coular

Axial T1W image of right globe. Ciliary bodies form part of choroid dashed white arrows, B, C. The vascular uveal tract is the most common site for hematogenously disseminated metastases within the globe Fig.

Coronal non-contrast ocuoar from brain CT assessment of frequent falls.

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Thickening and enhancement of left retina, posterior choroid and optic disc are observed, suggestive of posterior uveitis, which may be associated with inflammatory conditions such as sarcoidosis or infections such as toxoplasma or cytomegalovirus.

Lens The lens forms the posterior boundary of the anterior chamber and is attached to the ciliary body via the zonular fibers.

Abstract Eye globe abnormalities can be readily detected on dedicated and non-dedicated CT and MR studies. Effusions due to infection or inflammation of adjacent structures, traumatic hemorrhage and neoplasms including metastases can distend the episcleral space Figs.


Scleral band for treatment of retinal detachment is seen on ocullar black arrows. Capillary hemangiomas of the estallamirnto occur in a quarter to half of patients with Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome and are histologically similar to the associated cerebellar hemangioblastoma Fig.

The episcleral space is a potential space that can extend between the fascia and the sclera 1. Retinal detachments can be treated using scleral bands Figs. Anotated illustration of globe for comparison with MRI anatomy. Uveitis can be serious possibly leading to permanent visual loss. Find articles by Premilla Pillay. The layers are only tightly adherent estsllamiento the optic disc and ora serrata where the RPE becomes continuous with the ciliary body.

No history of trauma was noted. Diffusion-weighted imaging, apparent diffusion coefficients, and fluid-attenuated inversion recovery MR imaging in endophthalmitis.

Condiciones y enfermedades de los ojos

Find articles by Lilian Hui Li Koh. These calcifications represent normal part of aging. The sclera maintains intraocular pressure and is the insertion site for the extra-ocular muscles. The lens forms the posterior boundary of the anterior chamber and is attached to the ciliary body via the zonular fibers.

This process of shrinkage may result in traction causing separation of the posterior hyaloid membrane from the sensory retina termed posterior vitreous detachment. T1W images are useful to rstallamiento metastases from melanocytic melanoma with the exception of hyperintense hemorrhagic or mucinous adenocarcinomas 6. Axial non-contrast enhanced image from orbital CT study on patient with history of Wegener’s granulomatosis with posterior scleritis.

Axial non-contrast image from brain CT assessment of traumatic head injury shows left phthisis bulbi with irregular, scarred, shrunken globe and left optic disc calcification. Eye, orbit and visual system.


Eye Globe Abnormalities on MR and CT in Adults: An Anatomical Approach

Received Aug 23; Accepted Jun 5. Eye globe abnormalities can be readily detected on dedicated and non-dedicated CT and MR studies. In order to interpret the globe abnormality, a primary understanding of the globe anatomy is necessary. Choroidal black arrow and retinal dashed black arrow detachment is seen in left globe with underlying subchoroidal oclar subretinal fluid, respectively.

An understanding of the CT attenuation and MRI signal characteristics can also help in characterising the lesions, especially in the case of uveal melanoma. Malignant melanoma represents the most common intraocular malignancy in adults and occurs in the pigmented uveal tract 3. Enhancement of choroid is noted Bwhite arrowwhich is expected in detachment due to inflammatory response. Accelerated vitreous degeneration may result from trauma, inflammation endophthalmitis or significant myopia 1.

The cornea is a key component of the refractive system and measures 0. Scleritis may be complicated by exudative chorioretinal detachment and glaucoma Fig. The choroid merges with the ciliary body at the ora serrata and extends posteriorly to the optic nerve head.

Axial non-contrast image from brain CT assessment of altered mental state.