(Compare to FFX where we get a linear glimpse at one archipelago of planet Spira, or FFXII where we spend most of the time in one floating. Translation of the “Balflear vs. Al-Cid” column from FF XII Ultimania Omega completed. I’m hoping to find some time during the holidays to read this book and . Final Fantasy XII Ultimania Omega.

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Final Fantasy 7 Ultimania Omega Guide Book Illustration Art Game

Log in No account? Translation of the “Balflear vs.

I’m hoping to find some time during the holidays to read this book and check on what they say regarding such scenes as Phon Coast. If there’s anything interesting, I’ll scan and post it with a translation. And I’m happy fantqsy say I did understand finl the first time around I wasn’t sure about the term “chokkai”: He usually seize the initiative, but he appears disgruntled as Al-cid goes and takes it all from him note: I am not sure at all about that sentence.


Ultimania Omega book question – Final Fantasy XII Message Board for PlayStation 2 – GameFAQs

Basically, I think they mean that Al-cid takes the spotlight and the leading man status from him: Does he Balflear also dislike Al-Cid for openly as in “publicly” making passes at Ashe? Other than Balflear’s displeasure, Penelo too reacts to what she sees. Fran watches the two with great interest. I would have said with great amusement, if her face is anything to judge by: Fonal in the second sentence for which I know the translation isn’t exactly accurate.

D I smell icons! Thanks for posting this!

I could kiss you for being so generous D:. Thank you thank you! I’m flailingggggg and am biting on my lips so hard to prevent major squeeing.

Again, thank you very much for taking the time to translate this. Anonymous on January 24th, Imega so much for posting this and all the translation work!

I asked my firend he’s fluent in Japanese to see if he could coax anymore shippy material out of it. We all know he is incredibly ultimnia of Al-Cid! I remeber when I first saw that scene I actually gasped, like a complete idiot, and said to half out loud “he does love her!


And Fran clearly noticed something.