Find great deals for HO Scale Fleischmann Electric Turntable SVUK Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Fleischmann HO Electrically Operated Turntable. Shop with confidence on eBay!. FLEISCHMANN spare parts for your model railway ET-Blatt. MODELLGL . DREHSCHEIBE COMFORT. Don’t have the requested spare part number at.

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I did it with an Exacto razor saw and cut off the ‘greenhouse’ one end and the ‘access platform’ the other end.

Style Tips and Tricks. There was no filling involved, just a straight cut on both sides with a sharp razor saw. Most of us listen to music, even though it might be different kinds of music.

I’m just about to put a couple of Fleischmann turntables on eBay, but wondered if anyone would be interested in how they work, the wiring and how to modify them to look a little more like a UK based item.

Fleischmann HO 6052 Electrically Operated Turntable

Taking the gauge out from Straight from the box they look like this. If ever you want to reduce the number of tracks downwards, you will need these Type 1 parts to restore the outer ring, so whatever happens treat them carefully fleisschmann you will just have to have Type 2 or 3 making up the ring with no track connection.


Looking 60522 these I would have a question about the roller wheel in both cut areas, so it will be interesting to compare the before and after to see where I cut it. I didn’t see any point. Those types numbers don’t exist outside my world Fleischmann HO gauge Baggage Van.

Fleischmann HO Profi-Track – Model Rail Forum

Here’s a couple of pics showing what I’ve done. The is probably more suited to DC as it requires a toggle switch to switch the polarity on the deck itself.

Of course should you then reverse onto the deck and do a degree turn the deck polarity is then wrong to the exit track, hence the CO switch to bring it back in line. If you are considering doing it yourself, then just check everything and take it slowly and carefully. It’s really strong and virtually bullet proof in it’s alignment.

I did lfeischmann by mistake as I ordered the wrong extension tracks! Fleiischmann quite willing to cover most of the bases, but don’t want to waste time writing something if it’s not of interest to RMweb members.

The deck is continually live, so you drive onto the deck and through with everything at the same polarity. Will need some fleiscmann for this one but was really impressed with the one at the Neumarkt Museum last weekend.


I played around with mine and modified it in line with Peco i. Welcome Guest Log In Register. I had no intention in buying one at that time and I therefore missed the opportunity in asking the gentelmen who was demonstrating it my usual daft questions abt its merits IMG: This auction has been won.

Perfect – thanks Neil IMG: Cart Summary Items in Cart: That does away with the switch. Item Location South Africa.

Spare parts

To be honest if you had chosen P4 standards, you would probably build a finescale turntable yourself. The only issue fleiwchmann DCC I would mention is that when the turntable is turning you occaisionally get a short depending on where the track polarity is at on the turntable track relative to the power in track. Please log in to reply. Posted 05 January – One has preballasted track, one uses brass rails and the other which is the one you will want has nickel silver rails.

Taken one of mine apart this morning. Without cookies we would not be fleischmxnn to tailor your content.