Courtesy Service Protection. Courtesy Service Protection. Career Opportunities See What is Available · FHP Training Academy Take Our Virtual Tour. Why Apply . Additional information about the selection process or the FHP Training Academy may be obtained at or FLORIDA. as well as directions to the testing locations are in the supplemental packet here:

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I received my letter for testing in early November. I just got my Pysch letter today in the mail scheduled for November 30th.

God bless the ones that stay, they need it! He was found out and eliminated enploymentpacket the position. That’s because they give you the answers to test. If you’re young and single and don’t mind not having much money, then FHP is all good Reason I ask is because a guy I spoke to over on leoaffairs.

Bitly. The power of the link.

Login or Sign Up. Congrats but just so you know, the FWC academy has never had a recruit fail the state exam. I’m in the process of leaving. Hoping it goes well. FHP has become a training ground. Sixty New Troopers Ready for Patrol. During the holidays, the th showed a giving spirit towards the local communities.

He didn’t have any other information about the next certified class. Someone said FHP is loosing 16 troopers a month. Last edited by Hopefull ; The lady I got talked like Ben Stein and really wasn’t all that friendly.

Login or Sign Up. Morale is mutiny horrible. The Advisory Council Award, a dress jacket, was given to the th class Platoon Leader, Frank Troxel, for displaying the most professional image of the Patrol.

  D.S.004-85-VC EN PDF

Test was easy but tiring. With all the bad guys, newspaper writers looking for a story, criminals looking to sue, college professors teaching hate for cops etc etc etc At that rate Fllhsmv will be condensed to nothing and barely enough to cover just state roads. Got my letter yesterday telling me to be at the training center on Dec It was designed to create an opportunity for the recruit trooper to observe how the Florida Highway Patrol operates fbp to reinforce coursework.

flhsmv gov fhp career employmentpacket PDFs / eBooks

I got a call from the background investigator a few days ago, and he said my background was pretty much done, and he was waiting on a decision from Tallahasse. What a long process tho. Originally posted by alpha View Post. The th Recruit Class marched out, just as those before them, with their heads held high with great pride.

You can not provide on FHP salary and rotating shifts will kill you. Nevertheless, their applications employmentpacker towards the recruiting statistics. Go find a good city police ie Tampa,Orlando. Run from wreck to wreck, one trooper covering two counties on a Friday night. Please tell me, because last time I checked we were standing shoulder to shoulder at your officer’s funerals and our Troopers funerals. If it gets you that job that you really want, I commend you for paying your dues I’m the first one to recognize we have a backwards agency in a a variety of emploumentpacket, but I do have to defend our employmentpackwt stats.


Avg a yr for FHP The odds are against us because of the employmentpscket numbers. Of course the guys in Tallahassee csreer disagree. Mbpd, I dunno if I asked you this earlier but do you have any military experience or a college degree? Police work is easy, anybody in law enforcement can do it. Does anyone have a link to the application packet?

FHP Applicants- What’s Your Status – Police Forums & Law Enforcement Forums @

Funny emmploymentpacket is with Low Pay etc, Most of these candidates will Lateral out once the economy improves. Can’t say the same for the interview afterward though. I’ve finished my testing and my app process has been suspended due to credit, even though it’s because of my house which I couldn’t pay for after a divorce. If not, I may just use my GI bill to put me thru a self sponsored academy. The class was exposed to real-time and real-life scenarios that helped them develop officer safety techniques and survival skills that form the foundation for being a state trooper.

Of course a lot of people are going to apply. For those that wear the badge on this MB, “Thank you” for your service!! I guess you guys have to take what you can get. Didn’t you have active gang members at Troopers?

Glad to see I am not the only one from Georgia going. Hoping they give me my Medical date right after the psych.