Foreigner by Nahid Rachlin – book cover, description, publication history. Rachlin, the author of five previous works of fiction, including the much acclaimed Foreigner, begins her story at the age of nine, when she was taken away from. —Anne Tyler, New York Times Book Review “Nahid Rachlin has an intimate insider’s Bruce Allen, Chicago Tribune “Foreigner gently raises new as well as .

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Mar 26, Sarah rated it really liked it. In culture shock, she also re-experiences the difference in Eastern and Western ways of thinking. The pomegranate trees, with fruit bursting on the branch to reveal jewel-like seeds. From the courtyard, they can see through the wide back windows to the building’s young families.

What I find intruiging is this book was written and takes place right before the overthrow of the Shah and the Islamic revolution. A clear, tough, well crafted book about the challenge of living outside one’s culture. Khar zahreh plants were scattered throughout. Apr 06, Ann Tonks forsigner it really liked it Shelves: Crowd of Sorrows, novella review: At a class recess, as I stood with Batul and a few other girls under a large maple tree in the courtyard, I noticed a man approaching us.

Nahid Rachlin

Books by Nahid Rachlin. However, this did not detract from the book at all, rather it gives the novel a quicker pace well suited to the main character’s search and the theme of discovery that is central to the story. Evocative and quite beautifully written. Both girls refused to accept the prescribed traditional-Muslim roles for them and dreamed of careers in literature and the theatre both considered unthinkable for respectable girls in Iran ; they devoured forbidden books and had secret romances.


Maman’s mother had come to America from Ireland when she was twenty. There was a great deal of antagonism in the city among people with opposing views. It was all so painful and confusing that tears collected in my eyes and streamed down my face.

FOREIGNER by Nahid Rachlin | Kirkus Reviews

Instead, she’d left the family for another man. There is a lot left unanswered and a lot of story that still could have been told. Jun 25, Cyrusmoqtaderi rated it liked it. When husband Tony turns up, alarmed at the delay of her return, Feri confronts the upside-downness of her real feelings: In a way, it’s a story about the flipside of love: Flames erupted from a tall tower, burning excess gas from the Ahvaz petroleum fields.

I absolutely loved this book, and devoured it in one day. We give you everything you need and you still complain. What becomes of us if we are born in one world yet long for another?


Mohtaram, my birth mother. He planted flowers for every season and he had put in shade trees as well as a variety of fruit trees. This book precedes that time however, so the protagonist, who returns to visit family after living in the U.

In “Crowd of Sorrows Nahid Rachlin weaves a story of displacement and loss, centered on the idea that we build our homes around the people we love. Bleak is the right word, if you will understand that bleakness can have a startling beauty. It is quite short- Rachoin think I will read it again one day.

I woke to the voice of the muezzin calling people to prayers, Allah o Akbar. Want to Read saving…. Finding the old woman living in a small desert town, Feri suddenly feels strangely peaceful.

It was always like she was wearing an impenetrable mask, hiding her true self behind it.


Anyway you have it good here. They seemed full of life. Read reviews that mention nahid rachlin main character well written way of life characters like feri written book iran foreigner american iranian raachlin country mother cultural perhaps present america conflict differences leave.

Reviews-excerpts – Nahid Rachlin

She took me in her arms, but her embrace was tentative, hesitant. So she tracks her mother down and goes to visit. Anger at Maman, dark and thick, enveloped me.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. In the end, though, Iran is the major character in this novel. Feri’s decision to go or stay could make an interesting sequel for this book. I had just arrived, and yet it seemed that I was the one she was complaining about, as if I had somehow tipped the scales and now she had far too many children.

Tension from unexpressed desire permeated the house– desire of any kind– for more clothes, a different type of clothing, to say certain rchlin, to be with a particular person. I flew through this short read and overall was not very impressed with the character development.

There were the conservative Iranians and the half-westernized ones, like my parents. Customers who bought this item also bought. A thick illustrated book on Persian rugs was open on her lap and she was studying it. They live in an old, large but run-down home in Teheran.