Enter eBook. [1. S. W. Erdnase’s. The Expert at the Card Table. The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation. This version is hosted at andnines. com. “Free Ebook: Learn How YOU Can Become an Expert At The Card Table!” The Expert At The Card Table by S.W. Erdnase is considred “the card men’s bible” by . Welcome! This subreddit is for sharing or discussing magic – close up, parlor, stage, busking, comedy, mentalism, or otherwise.

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For those that did not already take advantage of this great offer, here is a link for the free download: Anyway – thought I’d pass it along Just because it’s in the public domain doesn’t mean everyone gets a free copy in their mail. Spectator asked to shuffle a setup deck. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Erdnaze one owns the copyright to the book.

Hypnosis is a place to discuss technique, methodology, and experiences of hypnosis.

We are always trying to improve all of our products, and we would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that we have updated the download with erdnawe complete list of bookmarks making it exceptionally easy to get to wherever you would like in the book. Jul 8, We can now all quote Erdnase scripture style! Can you help point me and potentially others to what I’m doing wrong?


Free Copy of “Expert At The Card Table”

Dallas Texas Home Page: While discussion about magic is encouraged, any exposure or guesses of methodologies and effects is strictly prohibited.

When Drake started publishing the book he continued to do so with the copyrights in the name of Erdnase and ervnase were paid.

The mods of this sub are not the mods of mentalism. Originally Posted by ID4. It was alright so I started browsing through it and found out more about the book and it’s many editions.

Originally Posted by Sir FansAlot. I was leaning towards thinking that magic literature shouldn’t be treated as public domain. No, create an account now. Cheers, Steve “A trick does not fool the eyes, but fools the brain.

They have a lot of repsect for the dude, whoever he is. We want to make you into a performer. Haha glad im at work, just printed off the whole thing. If you’re going to give a compliment, give one! It’s giving me an error when going to checkout, but the links below in another comment worked.

I must say that it erdhase well worth it to pick up the printed copy just because it’s easier to thumb through it.

Free copy of The Expert At The Card Table

This is the “Bible” edition released by www. You don’t need one. A special thanks eerdnase strat for the flair images. The magazine is basically just an ‘advertising catalogue’ however – srdnase of the products and services in it are ‘free’ or close to it.


Whether it’s clips from magic shows, other big names, or no names doing their thing, we want to see great magic performances. I never said it was Erdnase’s official site.

Leicester, UK Home Page: Andrews because he was a known card cheat at around the time this book was published and SW Erdnase backwards is E S Andrews. Sep 2, Messages: Were errnase checking out with Paypal or on mobile?

The Ellusionist Forums are no longer active. Dan and Dave are huge supporters of that site, and we know that they wouldn’t ever let something like that happen Playing cards for discussion about playing cards, frre all shapes and sizes. Share This Page Tweet. Watch the funny and strange ways animals react to magic.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Free Erdnase!

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