Learn how to build a fuelless heater with plans by Creative Science and Research. We also offer other fuelless energy sources like a fuelless generator. A FREE ENERGY HEATER, FOR YOUR HOME!Stop paying very high heating bills! This free energy heating system works!!The FUELLESS. This Pin was discovered by Joseph Shanabarger. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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What is Free energy? Because every year hundreds of people die of natural gas poisoning and from home gas explosions, but our Fuelless Heater is very safe to use and does not need natural gas to operate! Can also be used to heat hot water for your hot water heater! Watch our Youtube video here. Check out how much horse power we have! Water-cooled LiBr Absorption unit solar air conditioner. It is a top view of fuelles heater and it is activated!

A copy of the US patent is included. Learn how to build this amazing heater to heat your entire fuuelless Condensing unit air cooler water less defrost heater for evaporator. The above drawing shows the main heating unit.

We allowed some of the oil to come out so we could get a better heat reading. Free Electricity from the Sky.

All 34 plans and 7 videos as seen on this website! More power HP than before! Most nuts and bolts are zinc plated. A zinc rod or long bolt is then placed and attached in the center of fuellless inner drum, etc. Run Your Car On Water.


No more chopping wood! Biomass fuel Wood pellet mill for heating or animal feed. We have a customer that used our heater to heat his existing under the floor pipe heating system in his home, and is very happy with it! We then built a larger bean can heater and it did much better than the small soup can heater. Heeater bigger you make guelless things the more BTU’s they will put out.

I am sure this guy was a professional researcher and new what he was doing. Photo taken when heater was not activated. HV Power Supply 50K. We then built a larger bean can heater and it did much better than the small soup can heater.

fuel less heater

With our M2 Technology, there are many options to help your energy needs. The thermostat can then turn the unit on and off as needed.

Showing just how powerful of a motor it truly is! Fuelelss without giving out too much free information, I will use our small space heater as an example. Portable Kerosene Multi Fuel Heater italian diesel heater indirect industrial heater diesel.

No more dangerous flames! We were amazed at the amount of yeater it produced. P-series fuel less 15 kva 3 phase England brand generator diesel price.

Fuelless Heater Small

Product safety and pollution free are our priorities. The bigger you build this heater the more BTU’s the heater will output. To get this kind of high efficiency, free energy is produced and applied as the reaction is started. We are now only able to sell the plans and videos. The bigger you build this heater the more BTU’s the heater will output. Call us or contact us using blue contact us button.


You can purchase the fuellezs on your own and build. We then suggest using a small free energy motor such as our Fuelless Engine motor heter blow the heated air around a room or into your furnace air duct system. Wind Mill Plans – Generators. This is just one of the many energy experiments that can be performed on our engine. Many people heat their homes with natural gas, which is not a safe alternative at all!

The Fuelless Heater/ Free Energy! | freeenergy

Learn How to Relight Burnt. USA – Eastern standard time. He also added that he wanted to test the unit to see how hot it could really get if taken to the extremes. Our Fuelless Heating system can be used as a standalone home heating system.